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    What is steady and constant in life?

    As humans, we are creatures of comfort, small or big, we want a steady job that gives a constant source of income, we want a steady growth at work and in our wealth. We long for a constant supply of happiness, joy and answers to problems.We long for steady relationships and constantly run away from challenges and risks.

    Yet we live in a world that's changing, people change, friends change, work colleagues and jobs change. Our moods, thoughts and opinions too change. This gives rise to inner confusion and some are perplexed about how life has been laid out for us.

    What do you think that's steady and constant in life.
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    Nothing is steady or constant or permanent in our life. Even what we possess today and feel it as our own is not permanent. Everything we possess is on loan from the lord. The 6/2 feet land where we get cremated or buried is also not of our own. We are like passenger travelling in a train. The berth or seat allotted to us which we consider as our own lasts only for the period of journey. The beginning of the journey is the birth and the end of the journey is the death. The passage time is our life on earth. Hope my philosophy is understood by the understanding ISCian.
    No life without Sun

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    It is true. Nothing is permanent in our life. Everything will go on changing as per the time. Today we are very handsome after some years we may become normal. Today what we possessed may not be there tomorrow. The life is a Journey. Where we start and where we end we don't know. It will be started without our consent we travel as per the wind and we don't know when our journey will stop. But all of us wants to be happy and well during this travel. That is why we take a lot of pains and see that our journey is smooth. In this journey, we will meet many co-passengers. many of them will not be there when you get up into the vehicle they may join during the course of your journey. Some may be there by the time you get into the vehicle. We don't know what is out lost station also as the time comes we will be removed from the vehicle. This is the journey of life. But without understanding this, we struggle a lot do bad things for a momentary happiness which is not at all acceptable. So life is a gift . Enjoy the life without forgetting the ethics and morals of life.
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    Yudhisthir (in the Mahabharata) has already answered this question. Change is the only thing which is steady and constant in life. Yet we always resist change instead of welcoming it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Although I agree with the Partha sir's answer but still I will give my opinion or answer which may seem a little phlisophical.
    I think the inner voice we have inside us which stops us from doing something wrong and warns us at every time we do wrong no matter how much we ignore it.
    It constantly keep nudging us telling us the right way throughout our life.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Well said, Mr SuN, a holistic reply, nothing is steady or constant in life. Dr.Rao, nice reply everything changes but we have to be happy and follow morals of life.

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    Nothing is constant on this earth, everything is moving and changing at its pace. Time changes people, it changes the thoughts and almost everything. I think we can count on one thing, that is our nature and values that do not change with time. We remain what we are. Whatever we have been following , we keep following that.
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    Nice replies, time,people,circumstances change. so change is the constant factor in our lives, live life by embracing change, main moral values.

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    Nothing is steady and constant in life. The earth itself is revolving. Like Mahabaratha says, change is the only thing that reamins constant in this earth.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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