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    Is it genuine? Should I comply with their request?

    Dear Members,
    I am holding an SBI credit card. Recently I have received an SMS from BZ-SBICRD requesting me to share my 12 digit Aadhaar number with my name mentioned in the Aadhaar card to a specific number (5676791) at the earliest failing which my card account would be deactivated.

    Is it a genuine message or a bogus message? Should I comply with or not? Kindly help me with the facts.
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    There are so many messages that we get from so called bank numbers. I'm not good at trusting these messages except for bank balances. If I very you, I would just go the nearest SBI branch or the branch in which I have the SBI account and then give my Adhaar card details.
    I have emails coming to me every week, do not disclose this, do not disclose that even if the bank employee is calling from a mobile number etc.

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    No Sun, do not give the details. The number to which you need to send the info seems genuine [refer:] but I would still advise you not to send your Aadhaar number. It is best to always visit the bank's branch in person and do the needful.

    Also, as per excellent advice given to me via a WhatsApp message, on the photocopy of the Aadhaar card I submitted to my bank, I clearly wrote the purpose for which I was submitting it, namely as follows -
    Copy of Aadhaar submitted at to XYZ Bank, PQR branch, for linking of Saving Account Number 000000000 and I signed below it with the date and time when I submitted it.

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    It may be a genuine message. But do not share your AADHAR No. through mobile. Instead go to your bank branch with your AADHAR Card and a photocopy of it and get it linked with your bank account.
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    Refer 613551.

    How does writing all those details help? If someone wants to misuse the document, they still can. All they know to do is take a photocopy or scan the document that you submitted, Photoshop the same, removing the irrelevant stuff and leaving just your CTC attestation.

    I didn't have to submit a hard copy. My bank asked only for the Aadhar number to be linked online. In fact, I linked mine, from home. And, I received a confirmation, through SMS, that my Aadhar had successfully been linked to my account.

    When the government is going digital, why should a copy of the document be submitted to the bank? Most banks just need the number. My husband's Aadhar was linked to his account, in a jiffy. The bank didn't even ask to see the document.

    If there is any discrepancy between the account holders details held with the bank and those mentioned in the Aadhar, the linking will not happen. The system turns it down.

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    Everybody should remember that we should not give Aadhar number or PAN number to anyone. Some people try to deceive by saying like this. Even you need not respond to emails also. You can go to the bank and give xerox copy of the same in the bank. It is better if you sign on the copy mentioning to whom you have given that card and what purpose. It is always better to put the date also to know later on to whom and what date you have given that copy. Generally, they don't ask but some banks may ask in such cases it is safe to put date and purpose. Nobody can misuse that if you do that. I have this practice. I follow this always without fail. Similarly OTPs also you are not supposed to disclose anyone.
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    I am talking about linking of Aadhaar number with Credit Card (Credit Card). Of course, linking Aadhaar number with a bank account is mandatory, and it can be done by reaching the bank. It is our money. Whereas a credit card is the money making card for the bank. The credit card system is run by a private agency. The bank gives credit and earns great interest. If we don't link our Aadhaar number, and if they deactivate our card, they lose their business. So what is the necessity for us to link our Aadhaar number with our credit card?

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    What I feel that no credit card or debit card organization shall threaten the customers that their card would expire if details not shared. Moreover SBI itself a big organization and why should they recommend your debit card to others and what may be the banks motive. So this is fake to fool and get your card number and other details so that unscrupulous elements would stoop to the level of deceiving you later. Never believe in such messages and immediately rush to your bank branch and also show to them so that they can alert the customers not to believe such rumors and messages.
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