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    Is it easy to solve other's problems than ours?

    Sometimes in political circles, we hear a comment saying "If he is not able to solve his own family problems, how can he solve people's problems". But that may not be true. According to one survey, it is easy to solve other's problems than solving our own problems. This is because, while solving other's problems, our thinking will be objective in nature but while solving our own problems, our thinking will be subjective in nature. We may stick to only one method for solving our problem. Members, what is your opinion in this regard? Is it easy to solve other's problems than ours?
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    I agree that it is easy to solve the problem of others than ours because when we are seeing a problem from outside we can look at its every dimension without feeling anykind of presure which we feel while solving our own problems.
    We can come up with better ideas for eg - even when you watch a game of chess outside you think of more better strategies than when you actually play the game. You come up with better technique to defeat both the player playing the game but when you are in the game all these technique suddenly vanishes.
    Same goes with life we perceive others problem easily from outside and can find better solution but when we face the same problem situation becomes difficult.

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    It is true. When we analyse the problems which are not related to us, we will think out of the box and we will end up with good suggestions and solutions. But when the problem belongs to us when we think about it we will think in a closed box where we can't think widely and loudly. So getting a solution for this problem is a little difficult.
    A doctor has to undergo an operation. He has gone to a surgeon and surgeon conducted the operation. After the operation, the patient told the surgeon, I have done so many operations, but I never felt this pain. The same way giving solutions to other's problems is easy as you are not a part of the implementation team. So you need not think of implementation problems. We understand the problem properly only when we get into their shoes and see the problem from their side.

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    Yes it is true only to denote that every person should possess individual capacity which may not be availed in others. That is what one's problem is getting solved through others than own. It is not wrong in asking solution from others when we are in problem.

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    An interesting thread, solving problems or issues at home can be difficult or often incomplete because of complacency, taking it for granted, fear of hurting one or the other family member and the emotional component attached.
    As far as others problems are concerned, we would take it as a challenge, as a task related to our profession, it would have other resources and the outcome may not affect us emotionally. You might have heard of or seen good doctors who treat many patients but they are not successful or good at treating their own family members.

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