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    Why I haven't received Revenue share bonus not even once in the isc?

    I have been writing on ISC whenever I got time, I am not very frequent writer but I do write things and I have seen that many new members get revenue share bonus but I never received it?
    Although I have not submitted much articles but many members who have submitted less articles than me got revenue share but I din't got it? even though I have google adscense account.

    Can anyone please explain why and where I am going wrong?
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    To be eligible to receive RSB, you should be a member contributing your best to stand among the top 20 list. Did you ever stand on the top 20 list after joining ISC. To check this, get into the 'MY POINTS' and see your score during the last 30 days. At the end of the month, if you find your name on the top 20 list, you are eligible for RSB.

    @ As of now, your score for the last 30 days is 208, and you stand as number 30 on the list. The 20th member has got a score of 452 points. Please try your best to be on the top 20 list. All the best.

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    Please note that having a Google AdSense account is not related at all to being eligible for the monthly revenue share bonus. That bonus is based on points accumulated from contributions by the member only and is not based on AdSense revenue. I think the word 'revenue' had you confused a bit, thinking, perhaps, it is related to the AdSense revenue which is generated from your posts.

    Please check via the 'more' link in the right side pane where is your standing in the list of members from 1st to 30th/31st (as the case may be for a particular month.) Select 'Exclude points from Awards and Credits' as these are not considered for the monthly RSB.

    Yes, points from articles are doubled and considered. So, if you still, after checking that list & noting your points, you feel there is some discrepancy, do let us know here. We will then inform the Webmasters to check again whether or not you are eligible for the RSB payment.

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    I too feel sorry for the author for not getting revenue share bonus even for once in ISC. Coming and writing once a while does not bring either name , fame or money. When you have zeal to write, and share, then why hesitate and postpone your visit to the site. Once any information or issue flash in your mind, kindly share at ISC. If that habit is inculcated, I am sure you wont miss this site even for one day in future. If you are regular and performing at least next time I want to see you in top 20 members list of good contributors and earning the revenue bonus share for the first time.
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    Please ensure to earn points at an average of 30 per day to get a place in the top twenty list. What you need to do is -
    1. Raise three good threads, each thread scoring 5 points (15)
    2. Respond 5 messages, each response earning 3 points (15)

    @ 30 points a day will fetch you (30x30) 900 points in a month. So, try to follow my 2 point programme at ISC to earn RSB without fail. Remember these points in this November to get a good RSB in December. If your name is listed in December, please remember this ISC member Sun forever.

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    Ms. Joshi: In ISC, most important is consistency. I am suggesting a simple way.

    Tomorrow is 1st November, 2017. From tomorrow onwards, contribute everyday @20 points per day. But don't miss even a single day in entire November. After 30 days you will be assured a position among top 20 Members and will definitely get RSB.

    Try once to be consistent. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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    As mentioned by the others in their responses consistency is very important. We should be in top 20 to get a place in the RSB list. In addition to the consistency, we should see that we get good points every day. If by any chance if we miss one day, we should compensate that absence by scoring more score on the next day. Almost I am spending about 3 hours on average per day on this site. Sometimes my wife and children scold me and say you are getting addicted. But as I have got some interest in writing I am trying to be consistent. So as far as possible spend at least daily one to two hours and contribute more. That will ensure a place in the list of people who got RSB. But I feel these days you are very active and I feel your name will be there in the next month list. All the best to you.
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    Thank you all for reading and resolving my query and suggesting effective ways to get revenue share bonus. I will try my best to stay consistent on site and with my writing and keep noticing my points on the daily basis and position of top 20 member.
    Though I am a consistent member but I am not a consistent contributor I will try to be both.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Understand your concerns Neelam about not getting RSB.I never got it earlier. I don't do job posting, don't have enough time to submit articles, although there are 4 half-written ones.

    What I liked was the forum, I quickly scan the forum posts from everyone and then read the replies, this gives an idea of the question and the nature of the answers. If you are good at it, you can write a couple of paragraphs that get us around 5 points.

    Posting a thread also gives you 5 points, here once I get an idea from the net or the papers, I quickly make a note in notepad and then develop this. I learnt by reading the author's title and the thread content, it gives an idea who to generate a good thread.

    Articles by others are good and informative, you can add on or comment if you read it carefully and write replies to get some points.

    I have been observing Ask the expert section closely and the accuracy of the replies, the ones I'm comfortable, I start to reply.
    This month luckily I had some leave days in between and I have been utilising it as I'm not sure about next month. So, I mean use free time to visit often and try contributing to almost all threads, even 3-4 lines are OK.

    Good luck, the others have given very good ideas.

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    Where there is a will, there is always a way. Also, where there is a wheel, there is a definite way. You have both will and the wheel and have a good way to reach the top 20 list and earn RSB for November which will be announced on 31st December 2017. All the best once again.

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