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    Video/computer games addiction

    "Addiction" is a condition results when a person ingests to a substance (like alcohol, cocaine,etc.,) or engages in an activity (e.g eating, shopping) that can give pleasure but doing continuously becomes compulsive and cause interference in responsibilities or our daily activities.
    likewise now a days, playing video games on x box, play station, and computer making everyone so lazy and making them to become compulsive towards it. it mostly effects on the children because there are so many children who used to play video games entire a day and they never realize what is reality?.
    so of them are following the games and doing those hazardous activities really and giving their lives. there are so many news to listen about the children who try to execute some actions made by the heroes and died.
    It is also keeping children away from playing in nature(physically).
    there are many adult games which makes the adults to play and get addict to them and those who are addicted become lazy and they won't bother about their future which ruins their life.
    Recently, there was a game called "blue whale" which killed so many peoples and scientists saying that playing games can cause eye cancer..
    Don't addict those things which ruin your life but addict to those which is healthy and useful for you and your family....
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    It is true many people irrespective of age and profession, are getting addicted to the videos and video game. Blue Whale game has created a lot of fuss and many people died. Mainly teenagers waste a lot of their time on video games. There are children who don't go to bed till 12.00 AM playing the video games and go late to the bed. The next day morning they will not get up early and will not go to school. That is how they are wasting their lives. Even many aged people going to office waste their time in this games without doing any useful work. Actually, we should not get addicted to any habit. Once we are addicted it is very difficult to stop that activity. So we should make a point that we should be able to use your time usefully without wasting. If we lose time we can't get it back. So don't become slaves to habits and enjoy your life.
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    This is true in many cases, now with smart phones, now it's even easier to play these games on the large screen smart phones or tabs. I've seen young children even around 3 years swiping the screen to see the characters in the screen , while the adults, feed the child who promptly eats without any fuss. On holidays and just before bedtime, many children spend sometime playing their favorite games in the dim light,this further causes eye strain and loss of sleep.
    Many teenagers and adults start as a time-pass measure playing games and some end up getting addicted to it. The games are also designed in such a way that it is very attractive, high quality images, glossy cars and scenes. The multiple levels encourage even more and it's easy to get addicted. There are few violent games that encourages the player to kill targets to progress and attain high scores as a sniper,assassin, vampire etc.These games psychological affect the budding teenagers and some become misfits within the family or the outside world.

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    Yes, addiction of anything is very dangerous but becomes more dangerous when it's about video games ( which in today's modern digital world are present in so high quality that person playing feel like he himself is inside the game).
    And when these games are the online game they harm the personality of person more than anything else as he spent hours and hours in front of laptops and desktop leaving aside all other activities which cause mental and physical damage to our his health. In China, their are special rehabilitation centers established to stop this addiction from youth and make them aware of outdoor games.
    The spread of blue whale game is also a consequence of this kind of addiction.
    We should try to make the teenagers and elders around us aware about the harmful effects of this addiction and motivate them to leave these lazy habits and do something creative in their free time when they like to play these addictive games.

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