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    For God's sake why do we use HIS name for certain trades (alcohol and meat)?

    As Indians, many believe in invoking the blessings of God for their business venture. In relation to this many business and industries are often named after many God's. This is acceptable.

    But if you look at the wine and alcohol industry, you will be surprised to see the names. Rama wines, Ganesh liquor, Shiva bar. It sounds so inappropriate or distasteful border disrespect to God.

    Similarly non-vegetarian shops. Krishna chicken centre, Venkateshwara mutton stall, Balaji chicken centre.

    What is the logic, is it acceptable, should we discourage it, do other religions have a similar trend.
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    What might be distasteful to you might not be distasteful for others, did you consider that? The shop owners too are theists which pray to their gods for successful business so why can't they give respect to the same gods by naming the shops with their names?

    Don't try to enforce your thinking over the life of others.

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    This issue was bothering me and I had raised the same in the forum some months back. Durga wines, Sharadha Wines, Lakshmi wines, are very common in Hyderabad. And how come the shops and establishment act allows to register such names which hurts the sentiments of people. It has been the works of some hooligans who are bent upon degrading the Hindu religion and the manufactures of some items are also miss using our Hindu Gods for door mats, shoes and so on. Unless and until Hindus start protests, no body would dare to do such cheap things. From this once again proved that Hindus are sober lot.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would say that God created human beings, and human beings created God and named them as Shiva,Vishnu, Brahma, Ganesh, Murugan, Parvathi, Lakshmi, Saraswathy etc. When a useless fellow human being can be named as Shiva or vishnu, why not a shop?

    Do you know that Lord Shiva is a Non-Vegetarian? A God who roam around the crematorium and burial grounds. He eats flesh dry fish. There is a Shiva temple in Kerala (Paraseenikadavu) where Shiva is worshipped with fish and dry fish.

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    It is also possible that the shop could have been named after a respected elder. If it offends people's sentiments then they should rally to put a stop to using names of gods for individuals. How does it sound when someone named after a god commits a heinous crime? The man who hacked to death the Infosys techie, in broad daylight, on a railway platform in Chennai, was named Ram.

    What of localities named after gods. All kinds of people live there. In Delhi, there is Inderpuri, Rama Krishna Puram, to name just a few. Will all residents we virtuous? I don't think so.

    Also, there is process required to get shop names registered. Shop owners have to comply with the set rules to get the license for their business.

    And I believe that people prefix or suffix titles when they address their gods - Bhagwan, dev/devta, lord etc.

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    Almost all Gods are not vegetarians and they used to drink wine which is called surpaniyam I do n't think it is wrong to keep god names for shops.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I am a pure non-vegetarian. Moreover, I also take alcohol fairly occasionally. Even then, I don't support naming liquor-shops on Hindu Gods and Godesses. I always advise 'proper treatment' to such shop-owners at random basis. If 'proper treatment' is given to some of them, such objectionable names will vanish like magic. All the cases can't be settled by law. Society can also take appropriate action.
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    I don't think we need to be worried about shops selling liquor or meat being named after Gods. As Ankit has rightly pointed out, such shop keepers are also believers and they name their shops after the Gods in the belief that it will help their business to prosper. Sun has a valid point in asking whether we should object to criminals keeping the name of Gods; should we ask them (or force them) to change their names?

    And Partha at #613696, I sincerely request you to desist from propagating (since this is not the first time that you are making it a point) the theory of 'proper treatment' through ISC. You may have your justifications but the thought does not augur well with the concept of this site and so may not be encouraged. Let us not exhort people to take law into their hands when we have an established system in place.

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    Your name is Partha the name of Arjuna a great warrior and relative of Lord Sri Krishna. Are you a warrior? Do you know ABCD of bow and arrow and archery? Does the name fit you in any way. Is there any special treatment ?

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    There are atleast 20 ancient temples that offer Gods meat, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
    In fact ; Soma, who later became the moon, was the Lord of alcohol. We have a God for brewing alcohol!
    And we Hindus name everyone with the name of Gods right? Imagine my brother Krishna opened a wine shop tomorrow. Would it be wrong to name the shop Sri Krishna wines?
    I don't see a reason why it is wrong.
    It is hardly offending. Aren't religious people always saying that God is everywhere?
    So just accept that.
    I can name a thousand reasons why wine shops should be banned and offending Hindus is never among them.
    Just asking.
    If I named my wine shop "St. Thomas bar", do you think our Christian brothers will be offended?
    Because I've never seen more peaceful Christians than Indian Christians in the world.
    And we also see Muslim wine sellers though wine is prohibited in Islam. Work is worship and workplace is a temple.
    Respect them. Don't retrospect them.

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    #613706: 'Proper treatment' may also include picketing in front of such shops in a peaceful manner, isn't it?

    Can you give the same advice to the followers of other religions also in similar case? And even if you give the same advice, will they follow it?

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    God is a God for anyone whether he is a liquor shop owner or a meat shop owner. Many business establishments doing illegal transactions also name their establishments in the name of God. I think they firmly believe that God will save them from losses. Let us not distinguish between liquor shops, meat shops with other establishments. Everyone has a right to name his establishment in the Gods name.
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    Friends, nice replies, Mr.SuN. but please read the thread once more. There is NO mention of enforcement or punishment. Only the views about the association of Name and the trade.

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    People wish to run their shops and trade on their own name or wife's name or child's name. If their name is God's name, what is wrong in having their shop's name on their name. No one can be punished or treated for this, and none can lodge a complaint against this. And why picketing in front of the shop in a peaceful manner ? Lord Shiva is a drinker, smoker and drug addict. Many Sadhus and Sanyasis follow him suit.
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    In my view, The people only thinks about their family, comforts like house, dress e.t.c., for that they want earn and earning is of to types legal earning and illegal earning. Legal may have both bad and good jobs like alcohol (licensed), and many more jobs. Illegal earning consists of only bad things.
    The thing i am saying is that whatever the person is doing (job). he also worships god and he has a faith in him. If he is doing wrong he feels sorry for god. If he is doing right he feels happy and Thanks to the god.
    I too agree that naming the illegal activities with holy names is very bad. One thing is that there are many more superstitions believe by the Indians.
    like giving food to the god is a superstition instead of giving him, if you give the poor fellows in the name of him. It will be very pour and divine.
    I have seen there are small villages where they worship the gods without their clothes. How shame it is?
    Recently, There was a news about a duplicate baba who made his believers(female) to worship the god without dress.........

    "Never do the things without knowledge, use the knowledge by earning wisdom".

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    Sohail shaik...

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    Someone who is a self-proclaimed drinker and meat eater (and who has professed to have eaten beef), objecting to shop names, is hypocrisy. I think it is objectionable that you would drink and eat meat when you are a devout follower of your religion, especially when you object to others doing what they choose to. Worse still is to drink and eat, under the same roof, where you place idols of your gods. That would be more of a sacrilege because you worship the idols, so your home should be hallowed. The shop only uses a name. I would think you defile the place where you worship, even if it is your own home.

    Can you explain how what you do should be acceptable?

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    I don't think so that all these svops as you have given examples of are named after gods.
    In most of the cases these names are named after the name of the shop owner so that people in the neighbourhood and nearby people could easily identify who is the owner or they may be named after parents or choldren of the owner.
    And I don't think so such things have any relegious contotation , in some cases it may be readon but most of the times these names are in accordance with the name of family member which happens to be aname of god.
    So I don't think we should take this matter much seriously.

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    #613728: Sorry, I didn't notice the response earlier.

    The particular sect of Hinduism which I follow doesn't prohibit eating meat. In fact, worshipping Goddess Kali in accordance with Tantrik rituals (Shmashan Kali-the most virulent form of Goddess Kali who resides in burning-ghats) requires meat and liquor-this is for information. I don't think I am doing anything 'objectionable' from religious point of view by taking meat at my residence.

    However, I do feel that we must not do anything which hurts the religious sentiment of majority. Naming meat shops or liquor shops after Gods and Goddesses hurts religious sentiment of many (that is the reason this particular thread is raised). So, the owners of such shops with offending names must be suitably 'warned'.

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    The people who believe in God will worship him and hame his sons and daughters with the names of God. In the same way, they name their Organisations on the name of God. I don't find anything wrong in that. But I object an advt. in which they show a God drinking Beer purchased from his shop. So far I have not seen any advt. like this. A wine shop owner need not be a drinker. As long as they are not abusing the name of the God there should not be any objection. Mahatma Gandhi is always against alcohol drinking. He never allowed selling the liquor. But I have seen some liquor shops after his name, Gandhi Wines. After seeing that I just smiled. If the same is seen by Mahatma he might have advised the shop owner to change it as by seeing his name many people may not come to that shop as they may feel guilty. Some devotees of Chandi will perform Chandi Puja. In that, there is a custom of offering non-vegetarian and brandy to the Goddess. The performers will take that as Prasadam. But quantities are very less and really like prasadam only. In fact, I feel the business people may be at a loss by keeping the names f God and Goddess. The God-fearing drinkers may not go to that shop with a fear of God.
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    Dr. Rao,
    MahatmaGandhi will not object and request the shop owner to change its name. Yes. He would do so if his photograph was placed on the sign board. Simple Gandhi won't disturb Gandhi. There are thousands of Gandhis in India and abroad. I do not think there are God fearing drinkers. Anyone who drinks doesn't fear God. There are many non-vegetarian hotels with Gods names. Wine shops and meat shops come in line with such hotels. Each and every shop sells eggs which is non-vegetarian. Every Grocery shop sells 'Masi' a product from Tuna fish. No one is affected by the names of Gods.

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    Names of Gods are given to humans who might turn out to be a drunkard later in his life. If a drunkard can have the name of the God why not a liquor or a bar. The owner of the bar might be a strong devotee of Lord Shiva hence he named his shop Shiva Bar, this can also be the case. Be it any business, we would want to make profit and achieve success, so we have all the right to name it accordingly. Some people may find it lucky to name the shops by God's names. Let them do so if they believe in it. I do not think anyone will name their shop with something that they do not like.
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    So, you are basically standing up for the majority. Who is this majority? Are the owners of shops under discussion not part of the same majority? Do you have any proof that people of other minority religions are naming liquor and meat shops after your gods and hurting religious sentiments?

    Good to know that you drink and eat meat as per your religious beliefs. Why would you then want to interfere with someone else's beliefs? How would you know a shop-owners belief? He might be a devout follower of a deity and names his shop after the same deity, as a token of gratitude. Who are we to question his faith and his connection with his god?

    I don't see how naming a person after a god is not seen as a dishonour to religious sentiments. How can mortals be named after a deity? I think the major problem lies there. Rally to have that practice stopped first and then you can take on people naming shops, colonies and roads etc., after the gods.

    Piety must be within. Any kind of violence or hooliganism propagated in the name of justice can never be tolerated.

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    Further more to substantiate my stand to name a liquor shop or meat shop by Gods name is this. Prostitution is an illegal trade, act and profession. But the names of the persons involved in this illegal flesh trade are of Gods like, Parvathi,Lakshmi, Saraswathy, Sita, Janaki, Gowri, Durga, Meenakshi, Rajeswari, Easari, Savitri and many more . What happens then? Do people object or feel bad of visiting these personalities bearing the God's name?

    There is nothing in bearing God's name. God or goddess won't get annoyed.

    Should we protest or do picketing peacefully in that area as suggested by Partha?

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    "Good to know that you drink and eat meat as per your religious beliefs.''-There is a small twist here.

    I mean to say that my eating and occasional partaking of liquor has no relationship with my religious belief. My religion does try to find way to realise the Supreme Being. It does not govern my daily routine.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Worshipping God is to be done in spirit and truth, not by outward displays. Changing names like that will be a major exercise in futility and would definitely divert attention of our elected people at all levels to run after a cloud (easy and popular thing to do) instead of doing some useful development work (hard work, needs diligence, brains, knowledge, accountability, etc.).

    One of the first recorded miracle Jesus did was to change water into wine. This was not for a religious occasion but for a wedding party.

    There is no logic in changing shop names. Most Hindu names are names of gods and most Christian names are names of saints. So we'll have to create new names that are politically correct.

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