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    Marriages are made in heaven- Do you agree?

    Marriage is a broader concept. It defines the companionship between a man and a woman. How they deal with their life and wife and later the family. How the bond of love, care and togetherness makes them stay happy throughout their life. Marriage forms a bond which two people share with each other at happy and sad moments.
    The marriage in our country is also of various types. First, one is arranged marriage, the second one is love marriage, then we haveInter-caste marriages- this type of marriage will also come into the category of love marriage. The last one is inter-religion marriages- they are only an example of love marriage.

    Now, these divisions are also developed by we the human beings. Although parents do not believe in love marriages, they somehow manage to cope up with their child's decision and they approve it.

    Arrange marriages are the ones where the complete wedding, the bride, and the groom are arranged by the parents and the family.
    In love marriages, people are already in love and they marry with each other Inter-caste marriages are just based on different castes but same religion concept. Some families do not accept even this type of marriage. Last, comes the inter-religion marriage, where there is no scope that whether the marriage will happen or not. But, the bride or groom try to make up the mind of their parents, if they agree they are happy. And if they do not agree, they either run away or follow some other way to get married. Inter-religion marriage is possible only in the case of celebrities per my views.

    My view is that, is it necessary that what parents decide for a child, will be perfect, like it happens in arranged marriages. Also, it could be so that if the child is taking a decision is more fruitful and happy than their parents. Still, the parents are just negative towards the thought of love marriages. Children are not allowed to fall in love in most of the cases. Parents strictly tell them such things.

    My opinion is to talk to the parents of the boy's or girl's family first but do not a take decision quickly. If everything looks good then why is the problem.

    Parents should be little calm on the decision of marriage and think from the perspective of their child also. What do you think of the current trend of marriages?
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    Marriage is made in heaven to me, these lines seem little bit cheesy because if all the marriages are made in heaven then why some marriage end up so badly whether they are arranged or love.
    Why there are things like domestic violence?
    why there are things like marital rape?
    Parents are the only one who thinks for our good and thus they want to make it sure whether we have chosen right life partner or not.
    Because not all love marriages turn out well neither all the love marriages no one can take guarantee that a relationship will last long. It's the matter of compatibility, compromise, understanding, and love.
    So both parents and children should consult well with each other before arriving at any decision without playing the blame game, they need to listen to each others point of view. Both need to trust each other with their respective decision and arrive at a common decision resulting in a marriage called love arrange marriage.

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    Actually marriage is made on the earth and if the life partner becomes more adorable and adjustable and from that day the nuptial knot becomes heaven. Why because we are all not demi Gods to get the attention of Heaven where in good souls live. We are all sinners at one point or the other and getting a good alliance itself a multi dimensional task in which some are successful and many are failures. I have seen people spending crores on marriages and within one month the relations break for small reasons and ego problems and what would be the fate of the parents and the girl who parted ways. So what we call that marriage. Is that made in the heaven. That is the reason being so elders would see the Gothram, the antecedents of the groom family and also inquire about the proposed boy as regards to his character and behavior and then decide for marriage. So elders arranged marriages were successful and last long and can be branded as marriage made in heaven.
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    Absolutely not! I have seen some cases where it seems that marriages are made and spent in hell!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I fully agree to say that marriage is fixed in heaven. Just CLICK HERE to see how marriages are fixed in heaven. An interesting item to read, understand and enjoy. Don't miss to click, Pooja .

    After going through the item, you can post your comments here.

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    In my view, Actually Marriages are not made in heaven but the pairs are made in heaven and when we are existing our life on the earth, when the time of marriage comes we will have our girl or boy to marry.

    whether it is love or arranged it is already decided, here the thing we have a ability to choose to make our life happy but due to lack of wisdom we always fall in problems. And not finding the true one and divorce etc., all these are mistakes which will be done by us. I believe this strongly.

    If you go through history there are many love stories or stories of getting marriage which are full adventures and tragedies. May be if you go into deep those were by doing mistakes by someone leads to a big tragedy or risk........

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    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

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    What I understand is our life pattern is predefined by the Almighty. That is what we always say destiny. Whether you know or don't know, the partner of you in the life is already on the earth. He/she already born. But we don't know the whereabouts. But when the marriage age comes we will start searching and we will find the partner. To give a hint on this only this phrase is framed. My two sons were studying in a school. In the same school, our cousin sister's sons and daughter were studying. My cousin sister's daughter was 3 years younger to my elder son. But we never thought of marriage of both of them. But the age came to my son we started looking for matches, my cousin sister and her husband approached for her daughter. Both the girl and boy accepted each other. The marriage is over. Then we all thought, it is true, marriages are made in heaven.
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    Yes, I agree that marriages are made in heaven because it all in the almighty hands because we come across many people in our life we make relationships.. Some stay forever and some don't before marriage some people will just decide that yes they should get married but it is not in their hands but it depends on the fate which god have written before our birth ...but we run around many people...... Without knowing that our partner is some where made by got and waiting for us..... But I believe whatever god decides happens ...god selects the correct person for us at the correct time..... So wait for it... Yes marriages are made in heaven........ With the angel god selects..... So it is said...


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    According to me whatever the marriage is, the important thing is when we are in a relationship we need to maintain it and live a happy life. A marriage without a proper commitment, strong bonding and love between the partners cannot be long lived. To lead a happy life we should love and respect the one we choose to be our soulmate. Parents should let their children decide their life partner and children should choose the right partner with whom they can maintain the relationship lifelong and stay healthy.

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    It should be believed. One of my colleague was searching alliance for her son. Alliances have come from many places but nothing was got fixed. Lastly one horoscope from Mumbai came and suit in all respects. After all discussions it was told by them the bride seeing formality could be done in chennai itself as the bride was working in chennai only by staying in some distant relative's house. They arranged the function in a big hotel and after everything over in both sides they astonished to hear that the girl was residing in their relatives house which is in the next street to the boy's house only.

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    Yes, I think marriages are made in heaven. My grandfather used to say that when a child is born, its destiny would also be written by God. Who will be his/her partner in life is also decided. We are just playing our roles in life and will end up with the person who is already decided for us. The ways we choose to reach at that person may be different and we term it as love marriage and arranged marriage. There are failures in both love and arranged marriage. Similarly, there are many success stories in both love and arranged marriages. I believe getting into a good relationship is all based on your destiny, Karma, luck etc.
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    'Marriage' is one of the greatest institutions in the history of mankind wherein despite spectacular results, either way, people still queue to get in with blind faith and rush out to preserve their sanity. So Pooja, In my view neither are marriages made in heaven or earth, it is made within the circle of two families(in arranged weddings) and within the two mature (or immature) minds of two individuals ( in love marriages).

    We all have seen so many arranged marriages on the rocks, love marriages going well that statistics don't apply to the integrity of the marriage in question. If you look at it in real life, leaving emotions apart, the success of the marriage depends more on the interactions of the close family members and their nature rather than the two people tying the knot.

    Just look at the psychological impact, first, a young woman lovingly looked after by her family has to suddenly live with her in-laws and a stranger, second, a man has to modify his carefree living because he carries the label of family man whose torn between his loving mother and the new love of his life. This gets more complicated if a daughter from the boy's house has left recently after her own marriage - here the mother who loved and cared for her own daughter has to live without her and is expected to show the same towards a stranger called as the daughter-in-law. Lastly, the responsibilities and realities of married life are a lifetime commitment that needs to be experienced to really understand it.

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    Marriages are NOT made in heaven. It is the effort of the partners that make a marriage as heaven or hell or in-between. It doesn't matter whether it is arranged or love or intercaste/religion marriage. When it starts, it is usually described as heavenly but as time passes, one will notice some aspects of the other partner that may start rubbing the wrong way. It is not at unusual, but it just means that adjustments must be made to minimize the damage it may cause.

    From the responses above, I would say that most will have problems right there when the couple is termed boy and girl instead of man and woman, grownups who are (should be) capable of handling their lives on their own for the most part. It may be an affectionate way of saying boy and girl, but it does reduce the respect due to the couple.

    It can be likened to getting a brand-new house with all the settings and fittings. They need maintenance. If there be leaks in the plumbing, got to fix it. If sparks fly, then make the connection tight so there is no wobbling on the power circuits. When external factors like relatives interfere needlessly, work out the solution. So, it is in the hands of the partners to make it a long and heavenly experience.

    That statement 'marriages are made in heaven' is just like an advertisement. If you are gullible and fall for it, then it will be like as described in #613671.

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    I don't know if marriages are made in heaven but one thing I am sure is that it is a conscious effort made by the husband and the wife together to make it heavenly. It surely isn't a bed of roses, life will pose many difficulties. It all depends on how it is tackled all along the way.

    If we live in this notion that marriages are made in heaven, the reality will strike us very hard, leading to unexpected circumstances. The palace of dreams will shatter away.

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    Thank you all for the lovely responses and brief explanations.
    Mr. Sun, I read the link shared by you, it was really nice to learn about the Lord Chitragupta and how he ties up every grass knots and those knots have one as the male grass and other as the female grass. How the lives of couples are depending through those knots. Lord Chitragupta is the whole sole who writes down our life, its good and bad deeds in his book.
    Yes right Natarajan. It takes strong commitments to form a bond of marriage and follow it. Boy and girl meets and also their families meet and share bonding together.
    Very right statement by Bala that it is the choice of the partners to make it heavenly and sort out incoming issues if any.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Marriage is hundred percent an earthly business. It becomes a heavenly one when the couple get a heavenly feeling. This feeling comes to those couples who wished to have this tie up. In certain cases the marriage might have resulted because of compulsion from parents. Then the couple will have a hell-like feeling instead of heavenly one.
    There are two types of marriages generally, arranged and love. In arranged marriages very often family background, relations, horoscope, caste, etc. are considered in the beginning. Only if an agreement is made in all these aspects, the boy and girl are allowed to see each other. With all these the marriage becomes just as the completion of an assignment.
    In love marriages the couple was eagerly waiting for this day with several dreams. By this time they would have built up a heavenly picture in their mind about the Marriage, which is nothing but a licence for them to come openly and show their love to others. That mental set up is the heaven for them.

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