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    Why do humans knowingly risk or take the lives of many other humans?

    In the recent months, we have been hearing about events globally, wherein people act with the full knowledge about their actions risking the lives of other humans. We all have many dreams and desires and yearn to live longer. But it seems like the reverse in some instances.

    A truck has killed eight citizens in NewYork yesterday. Many such accidents have been carried out on purpose killing people in US, Europe. Yesterday a report has stated, at least 200 feared dead in North Korea tunnel collapse in an area where experts had already warned that underground nuclear tests can trigger collapse and leak or radiation.

    What is it that drives such people to take lives of innocent people, is it power, fear, media attention?

    Friends, request you to keep religion out of this as far as possible.
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    Humans,unlike animals are driven by two things that aren't natural. Greed and meaning.
    We require meaning in everything. In search of meaning for our life we end up endangering it. Greed is so unnatural. Yeah yeah. Squirrels and foxes save food for later but that's not greed. Thats saving.
    Greed is where you keep saving the things that aren't necessary forever.
    And a man's curiosity can only be paralleled by his greed.
    We can give up anything just to feel alive. Give up even our lives.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is true. Some people out of their inhuman nature they make the fellow human beings to suffer. This is nothing but cruelty. For their enmity with the rulers, they target common people who don't have any role to play in the matter. In India, we have seen many incidents like this. In the word somewhere daily some incident will be taking place. Innocent people will be getting killed. I don't think it is greed. It is the pessimistic nature of some of the individuals who are notorious for their deeds. It is very unfortunate.
    There is a saying in Telugu. When the daughter in law is angry with her mother in law but can't do anything to her. So she will show the anger on the cooking vessels. The acts of these people are also similar to this.

    always confident

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    Good reasoning on a difficult topic to put thoughts into words, unnatural greed and extreme search for meaning, cruelty or enmity towards a larger section of people or using them to get the message across maybe the likely reasons.

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