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    Absence felt is more valuable than presence ignored.

    Often in our daily life, we come across many people, so we remember some we ignore, some of us also are ignored willfully.

    However, we always an excellent teacher who left our school, a helping maidservant or cook who used to take care of children but has moved on. Colleagues at work and friends who have got married or moved abroad. We often remember them as sub-consciously utter ' i wish he/she was around'. One of my grandfathers often used to say 'you'll think of me when I'm not around. Truly we remember him more often in our extended family even now. There would be many kind people (beyond family) in our lives whose absence we still feel.

    So, dear members, is it more worthy if one's absence is felt? does it reflect their good nature, love and diligence?
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    We always value things are away from us we strive to achieve those things we put our all efforts but once we have it we kind of forget their importance in life and take them for granted.
    Same goes for a person we don't value them until they are near and realize their value when we separate from them, we began to compare everyone with them and want them back in life and in the process, we don't even give importance to people who are present around us at that moment.
    We keep comparing people and giving less value to those who are nearby and when they are away we understand their significance in our life.

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    It's true that the presence of a person can be realized only during absence. As a human nature, we find only the faults if we are near to a person. We realize their importance only when they are way. In home we always fight with our parents for silly reasons, we understand the worth of parents, how much sacrifice they have done for our goodwill will be understood only if we go way from our parents. Only the absence makes us to realize good nature, love and diligence.

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    Yes when people behave with us closely and make occasional jokes with smiling face, we want to continue with their friendship for ever. And if suddenly they disappear or goes to other state without informing us, we get emotional and even start weeping over that parting. We always connect with the people with who are concerned with us and we expect their friendship for ever. And the more closed and intense relations we develop with others we ensure that they are in touch with us daily and even one day absent would bother us. In fact children going to college and coming late would bother us.
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    When somebody is always around us we will not understand his importance and talent. This is due to the approachable attitude of the person who will come to our rescue when needed. As he is attending to us without many efforts from our side we will not recognise his efforts and we will not understand his importance. Once he is away and you need him, then only you can understand his value. So distance will bring in the value. Even in our profession also we always don't have fear for almost equal or next level boss. But we will have a fear of the boss who is at a very high position than you.
    You know the value of food when you are hungry and no food is available to you to eat. If you are not hungry the various delicious foods available in your plate may not be so tasty. So it is always advisable to recognise the importance of people when they are available to you.

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    The importance is always felt when people are gone, nobody cares of people who are around us.
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    Good thoughtful replies, many times we take things for granted and its better to interact with family when they are around rather than thinking when they are away from us. At work Dr.Rao, has brought out an important fact 'distance' bring value to a relation or a person.

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    Yeah.. There is a saying that I know Is "DONT BE MUCH AVAILABLE FOR SOME ONE OTHER WISE U WILL LOOSE UR IMPORTANCE" available means i here give u a small example if some actress or actor u daily and call u daily do u feel the same importance towards him when u used to see him on screen no never it is not possible.... So if u are more available it means u may not loose ur value but u may become a ordinary one.... So be special......

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    I agree with the author. We will know the real value of certain things only once we lose it. But that is the saddest thing as by the time we realize their worth, it will be too late and we can't get them back in life. We will always remember the person who loved us the more, who cared for us, who taught us or has made an impact in our life even in their absence. That is the greatest achievement of that person, being remembered by others even in their absence.
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    Yes, we always realize a person's importance only when the person is not around us. We would have ignored many people and also any things in life. But once we are away from it, we will start realizing the value of it more.

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    I concur with the thread message.
    Many of us would have been lucky to have faced such situations. This gets manifested when we apply for leave.

    Even about inanimate objects we feel like that. Only when we see an empty space due to a tree cut or a stone removed that we get to notice that there was such a tree or such a stone there.
    In our daily life , even in our own family, we are experiencing same. We feel the absence of our spouse or children and feel the void even if they go away just for a few days. The irony being, all along these years, we never spent much time with them and we even ignored their attempts to get attention and appreciation.

    Let us try to learn the moral at least now and give every one around us their due importance and value and make them feel that without deferring it.

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    few more replies,glad that many agree that the worth of a person is realized only when he/she is not around. Venkiteswaran sir, has taken it one step forward, the moral, give everyone their due that they deserve.

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