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    How marriage is fixed in heaven. Read this interesting information

    It is true that mariage is fixed in Heaven. How the marriage is fixed in heaven and who fixes the marriage? An interesting information was posted by me in the past as a response to someone's post. I am reproducing the same information here for your view. Please update yourself and post your queries, disagreements, agreements and comments if any,

    " Marriage is fixed in heaven. It is very true. We all human beings are available in heaven in the form of a grass called "Arugampul".Arugampul is generally offered to Lord Vigneswara as a garland. Arugampul grass is said to have no top or down. It represents the God. The Gods agent Chitragupta who maintains the population on the earth has a good account of both females and males. Every single grass represents a man or woman. The grass has its own good and bad quality. some may look green, some dark green, some pale green, some dried, some healthy, some ill etc; What really happens in the heaven and how marriage is fixed:

    1.Chitragupta sits on the floor.
    2.He spreads a bunch of male grass on his left and female grass on his right.
    3. He picks up one male grass and picks up one female grass and ties it together and put it in the front. (this makes a couple)
    4. Generally he picks up one for one only to ensure one male for one female.
    5. At times he makes a mistake of picking up two female grass and one male grass and ties it. (this makes two wives for a single man)
    6. Chitragupta never put back the grass after picking it up.
    7. At times he picks up three females and one male(Think it now)
    8. At times he picks up two male grass and one female grass(think the effect)
    9. There are some dried grass that are old. This means the man is a old man. He picks it and joins with a green(young) female grass(this is a old man marrying a young lady) and vice verse.
    10. While tying the grasses with a knot, it breaks(it is a break in marriage or divorce)
    11. The excess grass left over with out any grass to match becomes the chronic bachelor or spinster.

    Like this I can add on as to how the marriage is fixed on heaven by Chitragupta.

    Post your doubts, queries and comments please."
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    Enlightening post. I heard many times that marriages are made in heaven but I did not know how the selection process is conducted. Now, due to your post, I am able to understand that it is a random process. I have one doubt. How are the ages of the men and women matched? We generally find that in the majority of the matches the age of the male and female are properly matched.
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    Good question. The colour difference is the age difference. The length of the grass is their size difference. Generally, Chitragupta separates them in advance and keeps them for perfect matching. At times, mismatching takes place like Amitabh and Jayabhadhuri.

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    This story that has been inspired by the thread Marriages are made in heaven- Do you agree? is being locked for the time being and will be opened for views later on.
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