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    A visit to Mookambika temple, Kollur.

    Last week I got a chance to visit the famous Temple at Kollur in Karnataka. People from Kerala visit this temple invariably during the Navarathri days every year. I did not go there so far. Last week I got a chance to visit there. My wife also accompanied me and we went in company with my sister-in-law and her family.
    The location is so beautiful and one would like to stay there. The climate was good. Occasionally it drizzled. But it was not disturbing. One early night we reached there. Rooms were reserved on line
    Next day was completely utilized for visiting the temple. There one is expected to have darshan three times, morning, noon and evening. It is believed that the Goddess will have three different forms respectively. So the worship will be complete if one do these three darshan.
    Next day morning we returned. The trip was pleasant. Reaching there is a bit tough. We went by train and hired taxi for the last portion, about 30 km.
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    It was informative sharing from the author and I came to know about the famous Mookambika temple at Kollur in Karnataka and it seems it is very interesting temple to visit at least once.
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    I forgot to mention another importance of this temple. It is believed that for entering into the world of letters this temple is the best. During the Navrathri days on the last day kids are taken there and the 'vidyaarambham' done. In a small plate rice will be spread and the child is made to write the Malayalam alphabets with his/her finger. A priest present there will put the child on his lap and make the child write. Also with a gold ring the priest will write a few alphabets on the tongue of the child. Thousands of children are taken to this temple on Vijayadasami day, that is the vidyarambham day.

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    In Karnataka state the temples kollur (moolama temple), Kuke(subramanya temple),Udupi Krishna temple,Dharmastha sri Manjunath temple, Sringeri Sarada temple, Mangalore Mangalamba temple and kateel kanaga durga temple are very famous and situated surroundingly. One can visit all the temples by staying in Udupi or Mangalore. No problem for food as all the temples are giving good food free of cost. We can accommodate some local taxi ,if we go in group or many buses are there to go to all temples from Udupi. Really one should worship all these temples atleast once in lifetime.

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    I had an opportunity to visit this temple shrine while I was serving in Goa. During the month of Karthika, I joined a pilgrimage team proceeding to Sabari hills to have dharshan of Lord Sri Ayyappa. Enroute, we visited Kollur Mookambika temple, Paraseenikadavu Shiva temple near Kozhikode, Guruvayur Krishna temple, Chottanikara Bhagavathy temple, Vaikom Shiva, Kaduthuruthy Shiva and Ettumanur Shiva temples. I like the temple and its surrounding. I bathed in a stream flowing near the temple. It was cool and pleasant.
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    Last year October I visited this temple with my wife. We went to Bangalore to my brother's house. From there we hired a taxi and visited Kollur, Kuke, Dharmastala, Udipi, Gokarnam, Murudeswar and Sringeri. The total trip was for 3 days. We came back to Bangalore. Kollur temple is a very nice temple to visit. The atmosphere is very good. They served the food in the afternoon. They served the food separately to the people who eat the food with Dothi and Kandava. An excellent food. The idol of Goddess is a feast to eyes.The temple is very well maintained and the priests are well-learned pundits. They performed the pooja very auspiciously and it gave me immense pleasure in witnessing the pooja there. This is a very good pace and we should visit at least once in the lifetime. We had the darshan only once and went to the next place. We don't know that we have to have darshan three times. However, a very good place to visit.
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    This is the first time I have heard the name of this famous Temple. Unfortunately I have visited only Bengaluru, Mysuru and Bandipur forest in Karnataka. It would help us if the distance and the way to visit this Temple from Bengaluru are mentioned.
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    Good to know that you had the opportunity to visit Mookambika temple. I too wish to visit Mookambika Devi at least once in my life time.
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    The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation(KSTDC) operates a four-day tour to Horanadu(Annapurneswari Devi), Kalasa(Kaleshwara temple), Sringeri(Sharadamba), Kollur(Mookambika Temple), Murudeshwar(Murudeshwara temple), Anegudda(Vinayaka temple), Udipi(Krishna temple), Katil(Durga Parameswari temple), Mangalore(Mangala Devi, Manjunath temples), Dharmasthala(Manjunath temple) and Kukke Subrahmanya(Subrahmanyeswara temple). The most important Gokarna(Atma Linga of Lord Shiva) is missing from the tour. The journey may be tedious but in one go very famous temples can be visited. I had the good fortune of going on pilgrimage to Gokarna, Murudeshwar, Mookambika, Horanadu, Sringeri, Udupi, Dharmasthala, and Kukke Subrahmanya.
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    There are good temples in the Horanadu region of Karnataka that have been mentioned above. The train route from Bangalore via Mangalore to Karwar goes via sakleshpura and Kokke Subramanya, this is a very scenic journey via forests.
    From Mangalore, people go along the coast to Udupi-Murdeshwara and Gokarna. If you are visiting Kollur or Murudeshwar, if you tell the taxi drivers or hire cabs, you can visit Jog falls 2-2 1/2 hours from these places. It's wonderful and majestic to see the waterfalls in it's full glory.

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