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    Have you ever been discriminated at work because of your appearance?

    Have you ever been discriminated at work because of your appearance? Be it your weight, outer beauty or complexion, have you faced such a situation or do you know someone who has or is experiencing it? In certain companies people will have to face issues with regards to their appearance. Some jobs like secretary or receptionist post is meant for good looking people only. In other positions also, some employers considers beauty and fitness as a factor and give less importance due to your dark complexion, weight or overall outer beauty. Some employers easily give promotions to people with good appearance. Some give preferences to people from their hometown/state/country. People can have their own likes and dislikes, but not at the work place is what I feel. It demotivates the other employees who might not be good looking but has the caliber and ability to hard work. I have seen people making fun of obese and skinny people not only at work but in other places also. Is it because of their fault that they are not fair, fit or good looking? Then why do we indulge in passing such comments and in discriminating them. They might have other abilities, but no one seems interested in talking about it.
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    So far I did not experience any discrimination of my appearance at my work place. In fact my colleagues would be longing to talk to me and share their feelings and issues coming across and faced by then. When a person is not liked in the office he wont be contacted nor people would like to meet him. So I feel I am lucky enough as others wants to meet me and exchange pleasantries with me. By the way if we are cordial and friendly with others our looks, our personality and appearance does not matter for the people. They like those who listens to them and give proper advise and tips.
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    Generally, in private companies, your performance and your loyalty will play an important role. But as mentioned by the author, there may be a little consideration to these qualities. I had some experience of such situation. I was working in a private company as Plant Manager and reporting to the President of the company. In my plant, there was a commercial manager who was looking after purchase, store and sales from the plant and reporting to me. My boss and this manager were from the same state and from the same religion. I am from Andhra Pradesh and belongs to a different religion. The MD used to get information from this fellow. But I never bothered about that and I was on my normal. The MD always used to add 10% more than what I recommended for my assistant. This is because of the commonalities. There were people who promote people who help them in their out of the way works. some bosses will try to encourage ladies than gents. But all will be to a particular percentage only. An absolute zero can't be made 100 if the person is good looking.
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    This is not to defame the organization that I previously worked or to put a blame on my manager.

    But yes I have faced this situation when I was a fresher. We were undergoing rigorous training. After training it was time for us to get recruited into projects.

    It was our first interview, along with me there were two guys, so we went to the bench manager (in IT bench manager is the one who assigns the project to the employee based on requirement) who was about to send us to the project manager.

    We were all so well prepared and eagerly waiting for the interview. Suddenly my bench manager calls me and tells me that "Neethu, the project manager doesn't want to interview female candidate, we will get another project for you. " I was so disheartened and disappointed as they ruled me out even before I could showcase my skills and talents.

    The guys got the project, I got into another project. Soon after few months our project got over and we were on the bench again, our bench manager was looking for new projects for us.

    There was a requirement in the same project which had earlier rejected me as he didn't want female candidates. But somehow this time he agreed to take the interview. After the interview, I was selected for that project. Before leaving the organization, I was the only female for that profile in the entire company. I was also appreciated for my work. This was possible only because I was given a chance if not the pre-notion that females can't work as efficiently as males would remain.

    I am glad I got a chance to work under the same manager who had rejected me for being a female so that his assumption about female could change and sure enough, I saw him recruiting two more before I left.

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    This happens in the the hospitality sector, premier segments where the interaction with clientele is high or often face to face everyday. Workforce behind the doors or in the administrative offices away from the clients may not face this to a large extent. In major offices or brand names, this may happen wherein even employee are responsible to an extent. The so called good or pleasant employee,sometimes uses this to their advantages while they interact with superiors or the supervisors. This makes them be in the good books compared to the employee who is physically average but a skilled member of staff. Some employees have a negative body image and become withdrawn just doing their jobs and going off. Unfortunately we live in a world where to be a favorite employee just professional skill alone are not sufficient, we do need some personal attributes also that are conducive to the work environment. I think, for us with average attributes and good skills, we should be more assertive and make our presence felt in a way that the concerned people cannot take us for granted.

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    At the time of interview or in the initial days after joining the job these things play a small part but that is for a short time.

    As soon as the real virtues or vices emerge out they take the precedence on everything. Remember looks could be deceptive.

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    I don't know much about this kind of discrimination among workplaces because I haven't done any work in any organization but I have seen this kind of preference given based on complexion, appearance and outer looks in many other areas of life which shows our special affection for fair skin and appearance. Even advertise shown on television are like that as the situation mentioned by the author for eg- in advertising of many beauty products a girl is shown rejected because of her complexion but as she used a particular beauty product and her complexion becomes fair she gets the job easily.
    This is all because our society has stereotyped beauty and limited it within the boundation of complexion, makeup and outer beauty only. We need to leave such thinking and also need to speak out against any such things happening anywhere whether it's at a small level or big.

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