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    How often do you buy lottery tickets?

    Firstly, do you have the habit of buying lottery tickets or raffle tickets? If so, how often do you buy? Have you ever won a price? I rarely buy lottery tickets and have never won even a penny. In our country, there are many poor people who make a living by selling lottery tickets. I normally feel sad when I see really old people selling tickets, and that is how I end up buying once in a while. Every time when I buy one, I think of giving a share of it to the person who sold it if ever I wins. But never have I won. Government of Kerala has introduced the 'Karunya' tickets, wherein the profit they get by selling these tickets is given for charity.

    Share your experiences and opinions on buying lottery tickets.
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    My father used to buy Tamil Nadu government and NE states lottery tickets and to his luck he used to win last two digit numbers and invariably got 20 to 50 rupees as prize. He used to ask me also to buy and try luck. But I was unlucky as every time the ticket which brought would not even win the last two digits. Moreover there is ban on lottery sale in Telangana and I believe only NE states which are not having any revenue source from other things are trying their income from the sale of lottery. And I think only South Indians are after lottery tickets and they are the big customers.
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    Till date I have never purchased lottery ticket-not even once. Because we (brothers and sister) have been taught in our childhood that man can't become wealthy by winning lottery.
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    I used to purchase lottery tickets every month during 1986 to 1995. I was having an ambition that I should make some quick money. So I used to purchase lottery tickets. My wife is always against this purchase. She used to tell me it is better to work hard and earn money rather than expecting the windfall. Slowly I reduced purchasing and then completely stopped. Once I got a prize of Rs.500/- for a ticket worth RS.10/-. I was very happy. But as per the advice of the ticket vendor, instead of taking money, I purchased tickets for the entire money from him. But I had not won any prize from that tickets or any other time.
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    It is not encouraged to buy lottery tickets, but even if you have the habit of buying it, make sure you are on your guard. As it has the potential of making you a hardcore addict, while you get addicted to buying the lottery ticket it can even cause your downfall.

    As somewhere in your mind, there is a dream of winning the lottery ticket, to feed that you will keep buying and small wins will keep you hooked to buying of lottery tickets. Many families have been destroyed to a person's addict to a lottery ticket. As they will give more priority to the tickets rather than on basic family needs which leads to the destruction of the family.

    Even if you win the lottery ticket, it is just a momentary phase which will make you feel rich, within a blink of an eye all the money will be spent.

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    It is not possible for all to be one among the crores. I am quite contended with what I have, and what has been given to me by the Lord. More than the lottery, I was blessed with a good job and pension. I don't long for more. I help the poor with what I have. When the first lottery system was introduced by Orissa government, the first lottery winner was my neighbour girl on the next door won Rs. one lakh. (Her name - Kasthuri of Tuticorin) I was sure that luck won't knock the next door also. I bought few lottery tickets in my life to get nothing, but to satisfy the poor lottery ticket seller.
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    I have this habit of buying lottery tickets quite often. I must admit that I do experience a feeling of hope from the time I purchase a ticket till the time the results are announced. The biggest prize I have ever won is Rs 1000/- and have been unlucky most of the time. I understand that it is not fair for one to expect to become rich in one day by winning a lottery but what is the harm in trying your luck. It is after all a matter of chance.

    I agree with Neethu that one should be careful to not get addicted to lotteries; I have seen people losing their hard earned money by buying lotteries in lots. Another point is about the 'Karunya' lotteries of the Kerala government about which Chitra had made a mention. The proceeds from the sale of these lotteries is being utilized for helping terminally ill patients in their treatment and I buy that lottery as and when possible so that I become a passive partner in the good deed.

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    I don't buy these lottery tickets. The concept is to prey on the human emotions ( last week at a popular eat out we were asked for an addition the bill to donate to the poor) charity, luck, desire to win something. There are many families in TamilNadu who have suffered the worst due to the lottery tickets, even last month there were reports (from TN) of scams in lottery tickets and the single digit lottery still sold when it's banned.

    I'm not against this if someone does not hungry at home for the sake of these lottery tickets, an individual can take his decisions but not put most of the day's earnings into lottery and alcohol that the poor family has no money to feed. Trying our hands at gamble and lady luck should be within the limits of what we can spend after setting aside for mandatory expenses.

    There are many who play a particular number, the same ending number, the same total sum of numbers etc. Gamble, but cautiously so that it's win-win for you, if you win it's fantastic, if you lose no big deal, still you've provided for your responsibilities.

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    There is nothing wrong if we spent some sum, say Rs. 10 or 20 or 50 per month to see our luck showered by God. 'Jab Bhagavan detha hai, O chapad phadke detha hai" ( Hindi phrase). That could be through lottery only. Thus we don't cheat someone to become rich. How to know whether we have been blessed to get a lottery. Unless we buy it we won't know it.
    So, don't be greedy, but be reasonable if you can spare some sum to see your luck through lottery tickets..

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    I have never bought a lottery ticket except those as a kid which were sold as the lottery for candies or 50-100 Rs as a price. I want to buy lottery and I am also a hopeful person that it may result good but I don't buy them
    Firstly because my parents think its just waste of money and we can spent that money on something useful because chasing such luck which is so rare is just a waste of time and money .
    Secondly no such facility or people are in my state who sale lottery tickets. At least I have not seen them nearby.

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    Lottery is nothing but another form of gambling, approved by the authority. Lottery, just like any other gambling, is attracting the buyer with its prize money. These days most of the State Governments are encouraging this lottery business. Several private lotteries are also there in the market.
    Now just think about the chances of winning a prize in a lottery draw where two lakhs of tickets are sold. Generally more than one series of tickets will be printed, like A, B, C, etc. Assume there are two series A and B. Then totally there are four lakh tickets. The ticket draw is done with the help of a mechanical device (now computerisation has been introduced). It is a cylindrical device which could be rotated with the help of handle connected on one side. To decide the winning series first the two letters A and B will be drawn randomly. This mechanically is done by putting two coin like objects marked respectively with A and B on them. The cylinder is rotated a few number of times and tone coin is taken out without bias. Next step will be to decide the winning numbers. Ten coin like objects carrying the ten numbers, one on each, will be put inside the cylinder. Then rotate the cylinder and take one coin, the number on the coin will be written down on the first place of the winning number. Put it back into the cylinder and again rotate. Take one coin again the resulthelp to fill the tenth place of the winning number. Next is selecting the 100th place number. Like this continue till the number for the 1, 00, 000th place is drawn. From this one can see what is the chanceof getting a winning number. For each position a number is drawn with a probability of 1/10. Every draw is independent of the other draw. Hence the probability becomes the product of individual probabilities. That gives the probability for every 4 lakh ticket as (1/10)×(1/10)×.......×(1/10). See how small is the chance of getting a number. In this example the chance of getting the series A or B also influencethe result. So what about winning the prize?

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    #613796 Wives are always against it. Maybe not all wives but most of them. Winning at least once, whatever be the prize amount, makes us happy.

    #613806 True, we should not get addicted to it, then we will end up wasting money than winning it.Like the author said, in no time the entire money can be spent. Near my house, one person got a lottery of 65Lakhs, maybe for that time he was rich. Ever after that, I have never seen him as rich.

    #613849 Good to know that you are contributing through Karunya lottery tickets. In a way, it is a good deed. May God bless you in turn.

    #613904 In Kerala, you can see them in every nook and corner.

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