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    Have you visited this beautiful hill-station?

    This beautiful hill-station is located at a distance of only 248 km from Delhi. The small town in present Uttarakhand was developed by the British rulers. This town has been named after a British Viceroy. Although it is located very near to Delhi, it is still not over-crowded by the tourists.

    The town is very well-maintained because the maintenance is being looked after by the Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army. The place is dotted with pine forest. The quiet hill-station is a perfect place for honeymooners.

    Tarakeshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhulla Tal, Darwan Singh Museum, Tip N Top, War Memorial, Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple and St. John's Church are some of the beautiful tourist spots of the town. The nearest railway station of the town (located at a height of 1700 m.) is Kotdwara.

    Do visit this picturesque town on the lap of Shivalik range. But before that, tell me the name of this beautiful hill-station.
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    The Bristish officers who ruled India ensured to live comfortably by developing hill stations to bear the summer heat in India. In Tamilnadu, they developed Ooty and Kodaikanal the famous hill stations where tourists pour in during the summer. I being a Tamil from the extreme of south India, it may not be possible for me to visit Uttarkhand and long for my honeymoon days at this old age.
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    When I was in Delhi I visited some of the hill stations nearby and that includes Mussorie , Katauli and Kasauli. May be out of three what the author has mentioned here may be the one I gave examples.
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    I had been to Delhi many times., I have visited many places around Delhi. But I have not visited any hill station near Delhi. The author has described in such a way that I am getting tempted to visit that place. Hope some member will definitely come out with the name of the place or the author himself may reveal the place. I wait eagerly to know the name of the place.
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    Been there, it's a beautiful hill station indeed. I have some family staying there and visited Lansdowne, often, as a kid. Been there in the recent past too - thought of sharing the pics here, but then decided to write a blog to post on Indiatravelblog. If you are a member there, watch out for my post.

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    Gypsy and Ms. Juana are 100% correct. The Headquarter of Garhwal Rifles is a properly maintained small but beautiful tourist spot. Lansdowne will definitely rejuvenate the tourists. I prefer this hill-station during pre-winter season.
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    I've never been there Mr.Partha. Sounds great like any hill station, trees, forests, few tourists spots. Glad that the Army is maintaining the place.
    Been to Ooty early this year, I was saddened by the throngs of people, hawkers, rubbish. It is nothing like the memories I had of the place 15 years back when I visited the first time. Maybe if you venture to the secret locales in Ooty, it would still be nice.
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    Partha, I studied there for four years some two score years back. After that I went there in early nineties with my friends, and took my family there in 2004.

    The place is just heaven, far from the maddening crowd of Delhi. It has started gaining popularity in the last decade or so. A few new hotels and resorts have come up there.

    A place worth visiting there is the Central School, some five kilometers away from the small town. The school uses, rather used to use, the British era barracks as classrooms and science labs.

    Learnt to play tambola at the nearby EME centre, where civilians were allowed to play on Sundays. I have very sweet memories of the place. I would like to spend my twilight years there, if God permits!

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    I have never been to Lansdowne. Your thread is interesting and would want to visit this hill station. Will definitely let you know if ever I get a chance to visit this place.
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