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    Will Modi be able to continue in his chair after his first term?

    We are watching the politics of India, the government and its function. Demonetization and GST had a bad effect and no much black money could be unearthed. Corruption is high with Reddy holding many crores of new currency notes. RBI doesn't know the details of new currency notes held with Reddy. Taking these all into consideration, will Modi continue in his chair for a second term?
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    I will try to give an honest and practical answer to the question.

    Next one year is very important. If during the next one year, (i) the opposition parties can get united under a common umbrella (so-called Common Minimum Programme) and are led by an acceptable leader with a clean image (for example: Naveen Patnaik) and (ii) if the BJP-led NDA gets entangled in major corruption charges, only then the opposition parties would be able to de-throne Modi in the next Lok Sabha election to be held in 2019.

    However, from the current trend, both the possibilities seem highly unlikely.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Anything can happen in politics. Going by the nature of events, many parties are slowly gathering the momentum to bring Mr.Modi/BJP down. But what is the alternative, we do not have a leader who can stand up with the backing of all the opposition parties to have an absolute majority ( without fragile alliances).
    Unless there is a major embarrassment in terms of corruption ( at BJP led states or party inner circle), a major financial debacle or major religious issue related adverse impact, Mr.Modi can think of a second term.

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    Well due to opposition parties wrong propaganda about the working style of Modi government, there may be certain unrest among some voters. But over all the performance so far is started giving fruitful results in the background. Only yesterday the World bank rated Modi government ease of doing business which was at 134 place to 100th place which is great improvement and glad to share here that our Telangana government stands first in the country on ease of doing business in this state. Remember this position has improved with the back drop of demonetization and also GST impact. Nevertheless Modi brigade is not going to keep quite and shall revert back the opposition plan to dethrone NDA government. Amit Shah brigade is working at grass root level to improve further seats on its own without depending on so called allies. That is the take this time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I accept the feelings of Partha. After Modi became Prime Minister and NDA came to power, we have not heard of any new scams. At least corruption at the highest level has come down. When UPA government was there every alternative day a new scam. So many people for watching this situation silently and they know what is good and what is bad. So if some big issue takes place on this side and the government is losing its reputation for no corruption, the chances will increase to other parties. The second one is there are no leaders who can compete with Modi in the opposition parties. There are one or two people but they were busy in their state and not that much interested in politics at centre. A leader has to emerge and he should be acceptable to all opposition parties and they should fight unitedly. Then there may be some chance. But in the present condition that is also not possible. Even all the opposition parties get united, there is no guarantee that they will be united for 5 years and people are very well aware of that. Everybody is observing what is happening around. My opinion is 99.9% BJP is going to win the elections in 2019 and Modi may be the next PM.
    always confident

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