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    Do you want your mobile to be faster? Follow these tips.

    Nowadays, everyone is using a smart phone. You and me. And we all get angry when our mobile gets slow when we are on any urgent work. It happens but these are some remedies you should follow to make your mobile work faster with more efficiency-
    1. Don't install any apps from unknown resources. You may get some app links in whats app asking you to download it and that you will get money in Paytm etc. Don't download such type of applications.
    2 Don't use your mobile while charging.
    3. Don't install any battery savers.
    4. Don't install any anti virus software or booster software.
    5. Don't make your internal storage full. Use SD card storage also.
    6. Don't use hot-spot for high data limits. You can use it for limited data.
    7. You can switch off and on your mobile once a day to keep your mobile fast.
    8. Install every app from play store itself.
    9. Don't use app locks software. Use app locks provided in the mobile. Every mobile company provides app lock from internal space only.

    Follow these and post me the results. Your mobile will, for sure, become faster.
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    Add one more tip. Never trust cleaning apps like cleanmaster or CM security.
    And also regularly keep deleting cache data.
    Most phones issue a warning that an app is causing error and requests you to uninstall.
    And updates.
    If apps aren't regularly updated, they start misbehaving and go irresponsive.
    This causes the phones to run slow.
    And the most important thing of all.
    Close all the apps running in background to save RAM.

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    And if your mobile want to retain more battery strength, the screen timing be reduced to 20 or 30 seconds and also reduce the brightness. It really contributes to the life of the battery. Never use to watch video while in charging mode as the video consumption charge would be more than the battery input we are trying to give. And for the Jio customers, when you are using mobile data, please switch or disable the mobile data once the use is over. If you keep the mobile data on, then the battery drain out is sure and you will get the phone dead soon. So be alert while using mobile and never watch untrusted videos.
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    Thanks for the tips to save power. some other thoughts, Turn off vibration alerts (it takes some power to shake the phone so that you can feel it) as it spends more energy than a low volume ringtone,dim screen brightness to minimum, except for important functions when you can hike it up, if your phone is getting numerous calls you can reduce the screen timeout,If you have two phones, then definitely switch off one for sometime, even for couple of hours, GPS locator can be turned off and used only when needed like cab booking, maps etc, Reduce alerts and notifications to the minimum.A phone that's warm is not as efficient as a cool phone. I think the battery type also matters. Now many of us use share it to exchange high-quality videos, over a few days space gets filled up quickly and we get alerts stating that some basic apps do not work unless you increase storage space.

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    The lesser the stored data the faster the mobile. So always try to remove unnecessary information stored in the mobile or you can go for cloud storage. Keep on removing the messages, SMS messages, videos, photos and other information stored on your mobile. Then it will work faster.
    Talking while charging is a dangerous action. Because sometimes some of the phones are getting burst during charging and talking. It is more a safety precaution but nothing to do with the speed.

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