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    Part IV ISC chain story writing

    In the year 2011, I created an ISC chain story writing thread. After 6 years, I wish to continue the chain story writing as part IV. To view the last part iii and understand it, please Click Here

    You are to read the situation given in this thread and develop a story on it. You can post responses repeatedly as many times as you wish to continue the story in a chain. This will certainly improve your creativity and writing ability.

    ISC has Rupee One crore unused money lying in a nationalised bank. The Web Master wants the money to be used.

    Let us develop a story on this.
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    Mr. SuN: Pleasee give some direction to develop the story. At least the word-limit should be indicated.
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    Sorry, Mr.SuN I didn't understand the guidelines, are there any rules, limits, who writes, do we contribute in turn or ad-hoc. How many members can contribute etc. This will help us to have an idea of the general length and yes if possible a plot with main characters.

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    Partha and Nataraj,
    If you go through the earlier story part III you will know . There is no word limit and plot. You need to have your own creativity and develop a chain story to continue by other members. It is like your Diwali story writing contest, but no restriction to chapters or individuals. What you feel, put it here and continue you participation until you become tired.

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    I kick start the story;

    On 01 November 2017, at about 1000 hrs, the ISC Web Master called his Managing Editor and said," Dear ME, We have plenty of unused money lying in a nationalised bank. I want to use the money for the welfare of the public. You are an intelligent person. You can suggest the ways and means to spend the money in a better way to benefit ISC, its members and the public of India." The Managing Editor said," Sir, Please give me some time. Let me think it over. I shall come back with a good suggestion tomorrow." ..........................................

    @ Any other member to continue the writing

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    the ME started thinking on the proposal given by the Web Master and initially, M E thought of having a meeting with all the Editors and sent them a mail stating that, in addition to the activities that are being carried out by ISC, the webmaster is planning to do some social welfare activities for the public. The financial part will be taken care by the Webmaster. We can have a thought of various activities that can be taken up by ISC so that the members and the Public of India can get benefitted. As an example, I am giving my thought on this subject. There are many students in India who are having the knowledge and skill to go for higher studies. But they are not able to go for higher studies due to the financial problems of their family. We can identify some 5 to 10 students and help them financially so that they will have the opportunity of going for higher studies. What are the problems we may face for implementation, how to identify the deserving students, how much money may be reasonable per year and many other details are to be worked out? Similarly, I request other Editors to come out with their suggestions and proposals on this subject with maximum possible details. The matter is urgent and I request all the editor to respond at the earliest but within the next couple of days. The emails were sent to all the editors. The ME is trying to work out the details of the example.
    @ to be continued

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    .........Next morning, the Web Master called the Managing Editor and asked whether he was ready with any proposal. The Managing editor said,"Sir, I have sent a circular to all editors seeking their proposal on the subject. It would take some more time . Kindly bear with me. I shall get it before the week end." The Web master simply smiled and said, OKay. Take your own time, but be quick. I would like to see it on Monday positively." The ME returned to her chair and called the senior most editor Mr. Ravi and insisted that a good proposal should be ready for submission to the Web Master before Sunday." Mr. Ravi said," Okay. I shall try my best." During the night, Mr Ravi consulted his good wife Ranjana and asked whether she has something in her mind as to how to spend the fund."........................
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    Ranjana said," Well, the site needs few developments. The site crashes when you post a whole lot at a time. Ask your webmaster to develop the site a bit more. A lot can be done."
    Mr.Ravi replied, "Ranjana, I'm asking about the public. What can we do for them with the money we have?"
    Ranjana returned, "But why now all of a sudden?"

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    ........Ravi said,"My dear Good lady, The present days are not like old days. Things are being tightened up. The unutilized fund might get into wrong hands by hook or crook." Think it again and give me a proposal that would be acceptable to many." During their lunch, Ranjana said,"Ah! I have a good idea. Let ISC open a mall in a suitable location. That would help ISC, its members and the public. The profit should not be the aim, but the services to public." Ravi got up from the chair, embraced and kissed Ranjana, and said,"Ranju, I am very fortunate enough to get a lovely wife like you. I am sure, my ME and Boss will accept this proposal. Thank you.".......................................
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    Ravi: Boss, I've got this wonderful idea. Why don't we build a mall right in the center of the city?
    The boss laughed and said," Ravi, it's one crore I'm trying to invest. Malls suck up a lot of money and I have no experience in that sector either. Think of something more feasible".
    Ravi left the cabin with a long face.

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    ....After a while, Ravi went to the Managing Editor. Managing Editor got annoyed against Ravi for bypassing the channel of communication. He said,"Ravi, it was not fair on your part to go to the boss directly to put up the proposal. You should have consulted me before going to him." Ravi felt bad and said sorry to ME. The Managing editor started breaking his head to find a solution to utilize the ISC fund in a meaningful and beneficial way. She posted a thread in the ISC forum section inviting suggestion from intelligent members. The thread title read " Which is the best way to invest rupees one crore in a more profitable and beneficial way"? ..............................................
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    Many quality answers were given. But one mean guy called Aditya wrote like this,"Why not keep the money with yourself? What good is it to contribute to this ungrateful society? Your contribution will hardly be recognised".
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    Another guy suggested that the interest earned from Rs. one crore would be approximately 7.5 lakhs per annum. This can be distributed to the active forum members who are with Platinum, Diamond and Gold, and also to the members on the top twenty list by their annual score.
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    And this sounded like a plan to the boss. So he did the same.
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    "But then it would like an injustice to the bronze and silver members who are regular and trying to grow, so even they should be benefitted. So why not organize a mammoth contest, and give huge cash rewards to deserving writers", said another author.

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    Another member thought hard and said, we all have something in life and God's has given us a life, some money to take care of ourselves, why be more greedy. Let's put that I crore in a bank, The interest is around Rs 7.5 lakhs, we can get tax exemption if we donate it to a charity.We will start a ISC study trust,register it, deposit the money and from the interest we will sponsor primary education. There are schools wherein a class of 50 students can be educated for a year at I standard level. Once we start this, we will kick start a corporate awareness program, arrange donation campaigns (done by each member), contact the local celebrites and write to the Education minister. We can easily raise Rs 5 crores in 6 months, we will continue it with passion and a desire to educate chidren. Wit that money we can educate another 50 students from 2nd standard to 6th standard. As years go by the money will grow and be used to educate a few more deserving students. After a few decades, when some of us have departed, some of us are too old and senile to even type, people would forget us. But the legacy of us will be alive for many years via the ISC study trust.

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    The boss was very pleased with the suggestion to have a study trust. He invited the Managing editor, few editors and few senior members for a meeting to study the details to start a primary school.
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