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    Supreme Court appealed for special courts to clear pending criminal cases of poltical leaders fast

    Supreme court appealed Indian government to establish Special courts to deal with pending cases of political leaders with criminal background. Out of the 521 members of Loksabha 186 members of present Loksabha who were elected in 2014 are with pending criminal cases. Out of which 63 BJP members, 44 Congress members and the remaining 79 are from other parties. So one third of MP's of Loksabha are with pending cases. Most of these criminal cases are of serious nature. Do you agree the recommendation made by Supreme court help in reduce in increase of such cases in political arena.
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    I do not think it will have any effect. The case once decided, will be appealed to a higher court. It will be a continuous and never-ending process. The only solution is Lokpal. The present Government is not interested in appointing Lokpal. The political parties can do a lot by not selecting candidates with criminal cases but they will not do so considering their chances of winning and the money they have to spend in the elections. The voters of India do not bother much for all these.
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    For issuing a passport or a visa they ask about any pending cases on the individual. For a small job also they see the background of the person. If he is having any pending cases they will not give the job to that person. why the same rule is not applicable to MPs/MLAs. The persons who are involved in many criminal cases and financial irregularities are becoming the part of rulers of the country. Is it not hurting us? The rules to be modified that a person having pending cases in the court should not compete in elections. Mr.YS Jagan Mohan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh is MLA and opposition leader. He is having a big bungalow in Hyderabad called Lotus Pond. A similar building he is having in Bangalore. His native place is Cuddapah of AP where he is having properties. A CBI enquiry is going on against him for his money dealings and corruption. But he is openly going and canvassing against the present government. His case is pending in court. It is one example I have given. How he can continue as MLA when so many cases are there against him. The election commission should change the eligibility criteria for contesting. This is the need of the hour. Otherwise, the cases will be pending like this, if not in the lower court, in the upper court.
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    If the figures are true, I surprised at the number of pending cases against people in power. Maybe they are too powerful to be brought to task or the system is beyond repair and trying these people will do irreparable damage to the country. Are these cases genuine and not filed indirectly by opposite parties and vested interests. Because often during election time we see many handout schemes, key information suddenly comes to the surface after few years etc.
    The directive from the Supreme court is welcome but it's the question of who will bell the cat. Which party or Government will set up the special courts, even if they do, these special courts would be an eyewash or like a toothless tiger. But what options do we have? only that for the future, the Election commission can make it mandatory for the parties bring nomination papers of members with pending cases. We many not have many in left in the foray!

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    Actually, I want to raise the same question in this Forum section? I think we see so many politicians are corrupt till date but nobody has sent to behind the bars till date. Either the cases are absurd or it is an allegation which is used for publishing the news in Newspaper.I want to write an Incident here A Movie actor name called Balakrishna(NTR son) has fired two people with his gun the incident was shown in Televisions 1000 times for 5-6 days (at the time the TDP was not in rule it is in opposition party and YSR(Congress) was the chief minister of the state). Balakrishna simply escapes from the incident how and why nobody knows.The case is closed, The Media mouth shut. Based on this incident Media is broker two political parties.
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    Yes, I read about this today it in a news of the front page of "The Hindu" from which I am pointing out some important points. In this statement, Supreme court asked and directed the government
    1. To frame a central scheme for setting up special courts across the country to exclusively try criminal cases involving political persons.
    2. SC also countered the center's argument that the setting up of such courts would depend on the availablity of funds with the states, the court said "the problem can be resolved by having a central scheme for setting up of courts exclusively to deal with the criminal cases involving political pertsons on the lines of the fast track courts.
    3. SC also directed the government to submit a report card by december 13 on the status of the 1581 criminal cases pending against Members of parliment and state legislative assemblies at the time of the 2014 elections.
    These direction by SC are really laudable and will definately help us to develop a society which have better representation of people and best candidates suitable for a position of parlimentarion gets the appropriate position.

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    Now a days the Supreme court is voicing such issues which bothers the common man and yet cant ask the government nor demand any action but suffer in silence. This order from SC is very good and has the right timing. Big elections are round the corner and if the erring politicians are banned , then their party would be closed or defeated. This applies for all the parties in India. By having special courts for the politicians and their acts defeating the law all these years, the SC has once again proved that it is with the people and working as per our aspirations. Hope Central government succeed to this request.
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