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    Are you comfortable with the prepositions 'AT' and 'IN'?

    Quite often I get confused with the usage of prepositions 'AT' and 'IN'. How to overcome this problem? Are you comfortable with the prepositions 'At' and 'In'? Are you perfect in using these prepositions rightly and confidently without any confusion? English experts are requested to guide us to ensure correct usage of these two prepositions.
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    No, I am not although I know the general rule. For a smaller place, we use 'at', for a bigger place, we use 'in'. Example: My parents stay at Behala in Kolkata.
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    Not an expert Mr.SuN, many of us may often interchange the usage and I'm not perfect. with freelance to place, I use at/in (at Bangalore, in Bangalore), with relevance to object or particular space, I use in ( in the lift, in the car, in the room).

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    Generally, it is known that we have to use in when we mention cities and towns. At will come before villages. We were in Bangalore yesterday. Tomorrow we will be at our village. But many times we will be interchanging these words and using wrongly. Anyhow these days there is no necessity of knowing correct grammar. The only requirement is that you should be able to convey the matter in a way that the other person will understand the content.
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    Since we are the members of India Study Channel which is an educational portal, it would be nice to know and use the words correctly without any confusion.
    Mr. Rao.
    The requirement of communication is to convey our thoughts and feelings and information. However, it will be nice if we follow the correct usage of words in their appropriate places. You should not say that correct grammar is not necessary.

    At and In is not only for the place but also for time. At night, in the night. It is also used with some things. He is good at English. He is good at eating. Is it not confusing?

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    As per google , AT is used where we are mentioning a specific place, for a specific time or to indicate an email address or a specific activity.
    Example: 1. I was at my friend's home.
    2. See you at 10 am.

    IN is used for unspecific times be it a month or season or year.

    Ex: She will be back in a year. etc..
    Even I got confused in defining both of these prepositions. Thanks to Google.

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    For that matter not every one are expert in English as it is a imported language. Good that we are writing and reading and conveying our thoughts and need to others and they are understanding. I never gone into the details of using words as suggested by author unless and until there was a reverse question from the people as they have not understood what I intend to say. One thing is sure. English is such a language, it all depends on how we convey our matter to others in simplest and yet in understandable form. That is enough to keep the life going. And when we want to earn a prize or debate, following the grammar is most important.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    Will you commit grammar mistakes in Telugu or Tamil? I don't think so. People will laugh at us if we as educated person commit grammar mistakes in our mother tongue. English has become bread and butter of our life. Hence it is good to learn proper English with correct grammar. We ISCian should not escape from English grammar. We should try and improve the quality of our English. There are few English experts at ISC. They should come forward and teach good English to the confused ISCian.

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    Who says we should not learn grammar but what I am saying it is not that compulsory when we can convey and convince the people with our talking and write up. If you see the sms langauge being used on chatting you will vouch my observation.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    The SMS system has helped to ruin the English language. With the SMS culture, people have forgotten to write good English. ISC doesn't permit the use of SMS language. As a good ISCian, you are advised to follow good grammar in your English writing. So, we are expected to be good at English while in ISC.

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    Here I will agree with Mr. SUN, english should be written in the similar manner, the way we speak it, without making any grammatical errors. Grammar is must for good English. If we are writing in english we should whole heartedly follow it. It is not right that one should write appropriate english only to get awards.
    Appropriate English is very much needed if we are using it in our daily lives. If you miss even a single conjuction or preposition or apply wrong tenses., your words and sentences will become meaningless. So we all must follow rules of writing correct english. This is my opinion.

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    To me learning a language and using it has various levels. The basic is enough to converse with someone, then comes good vocabulary so that one can have a meaningful dialogue and discussions, then comes writing the language. Here the basic form would be able to convey the meaning. Known the grammatical language correctly to me means a higher level of proficiency above all. So it makes you a better qualified or skilled individual as far as that language is concerned.

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