Word of farewell is good enough to quench animosity.

I went to one of my known's retirement function and everyone there was imparting his or her speech filled with greetings and best wishes for upcoming future. There were some people too who used to show the cold shoulder to the person who was getting retirement. There were also some who had slight disputes with the very person at the workplace but when they got the chance to say their part of speech then they gave their wishes and also asked for forgiveness about any dispute that had happened in the past, as a gentle request. I am fascinated with the fact that at the end of such farewell we tend to submerge our differences and even slight enmity on the part and wish him or her for the upcoming ventures. It is an interesting side of human behaviour or the psychology with an overview stating that animosity could also have the expiry period. We do this maybe because we are somewhat relieved with the fact that we don't have to see that very person anymore and we tend to be much more polite or maybe we as a human want to free our burden on our heart by out-letting it through this kind of generosity valve. It may be possible under the calm and warm environment of grand wishes bestowing period you tend to show such generous gestures and the next day you are the same. But I believe that we all want to have that calm lonely space for ourselves where we don't have to stretch the veins of our brain under the force of anguish created for that very person, so most of us do such gestures normally.
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