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    Grief is an excellent teacher

    Do you think grief teaches you life's lessons? Experiences on how grief taught you something can be shared at this page.

    We never like to have grief of any type in our life. It is always an unwanted and unexpected guest. Hence each one of us tries to run away from it. At the same time our life is a mixture of both happiness and grief. Even for attaining our aim in life, we ought to have passed through several difficult situations which added to our misery.

    Think of a situation when we are gaining everything we wished. Then comes a stage of boredom and we feel unhappy. New gains will not be adding to our happiness. Hence there must be a failure in-between. A success after one or more failures will be sweeter. Also we will be learning a lesson or two from our failures. Thus a grief helps us learn a lesson. That means grief plays the role of a teacher. So in this manner every grief teach us something new and thereby takes the role of a great teacher. It is great because we would not be learning the same otherwise.
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    True, in general, In India, we shun for such topics of grief, death, loss or major failure and hence have an exaggerated response when it strikes us. As one struggles to cope with grief after the emotional let out, it becomes important not to blame ourselves; not to deny but accept what has happened. Once we are past this and draw from our inner strength to move on, we slowly come back to normalcy.Then the entire episode has a lesson or two that we can personally learn from.
    If we can get out of grief without getting depressed and resume our lives, then it's good. After a few months - few years when we look back, we would realise that although unpleasant the entire episode has taught us an important lesson, like death is natural, accept it, loss is part of the game and win would be next, failure in a task is a mathematical surety but so is success. Yes, by all means, grieve, please also have the inner strength to stand up and move on.

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    I won't say that grief is an excellent teacher, but a dose of medicine. Over happiness is a disease. Grief is a medicine that controls or regulates the happiness and keeps it in limit.
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    Well I do agree all work and no play makes the life boring, like wise all happiness and no grief will also make our life boring and stand still. From challenging situation, sad situation, grief and bad moments, we tend to use our brains invariably to large extent and find out new ideas to bail out. I have been closely watching people who have taken risk in their life and face it with challenges. Some times they get win win situation and many a time they end up with loss and grief even. Winner are those who take the grief situation as blessing and learn from the failures. And thus becomes more powerful and sure.
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    Grief is more powerful than happiness as the duration of a grief more than that of happiness. A happy moment cannot change a grief easily but a grief do. That is what our elders fixed certain days for certain incidents like death etc., as one cannot move in public or do his routine by forgetting his or her grief. I read in one book as,'everything fun to one till it happens to him.' So, we all moke or comment or criticize others but when similar thing happens to him, he will take it as a big one.

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    I feel and agree with the view of Sun. Grief is not a teacher. It is a medicine. When we are running the fever of success and we will have over happiness. It is a like an ill health. Then comes the medicine in the form of grief and set the things right. Generally, the human nature is to try hard for the success. As they get the success they relax a little and go for a next task. If you are successful everytime you will be riding on the hype and sometimes you may neglect the task or concentrate less. Such times there may be a failure and that failure brings grief. Once the grief is there it acts as a medicine and make you alright. You will become normal and again start concentrating on your works and again go on a winning spree. So here your grief has worked as a tonic to you to make you alert and get the things right. so sometimes it is better to have a failure and then only you will understand the happiness of success.
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    Wonderful thread, it's very true that grief is an uninvited guest and we would never prefer to cross it's way or would never wish to have it in our life. Everything that comes and goes teaches us very important lessons in our lives.

    Grief is not just because of failures, it can be because of the loss of your loved ones and dear ones. In such cases, grief can overtake our senses. Medicines are meant to heal us, but in many cases, it can lead to the downfall of the man, as they would find it very hard to overcome that grief.

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    Awesome! We learn from our failures and the lessons thus learned will not be ever forgotten in life. If it was always happiness, then life wouldn't be this pretty. It is the downfalls in between and the happiness after that makes life interesting and challenging. Even in a relationship we say, the small fights are nice as the reunions after it is awesome. Similarly, in life failures and griefs are required for us to understand the value and worth of certain things and for us to learn.
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    Grief is an excellent teacher. Because we are human. What about happiness?
    If we didn't feel these emotions, nothing would matter to us and we would be like robots.
    Ups and downs, good time and bad times, happy and sad. You can't have one without the other. They can't be avoided.
    They help us to appreciate the full value of life.

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    I don't think grief is a teacher. Grief makes people philosophical; it makes some people spiritual. But I don't think grief is a teacher.
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    I agree with you sir.. if we face grief, we realize the value of sad moments as well. We get ample experience through it. And the happiness that we get after we have faced the sad part, tells us about the value of our life. If everything will stay good, life will seem boring. Disappointments and griefs are needed too to take nice experiences from life.
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    Generally when try for attaining or gaining something we face certain difficulties and as a result we may have to struggle more to attain our aim. Again, even after using all our might the final result may not be a success. Then finally when we face a failure we comment like: " though I tried maximum I could not attain it. However, I learned a lesson from that." That means the failure helped to learn a lesson. Then the failure takes the role of a teacher, is it not so?
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    Mr. Sankaran,
    I think failure cannot be grief. Failure can turn into success after repeated attempts and make us happy. Whereas grief can not be. Grief has to die down naturally. Grief is a loss that cannot be compensated easily.

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    I don't think grief is a great teacher. Grief is a reaction to the loss of someone closer and something which is close to us. Its hard to forgive something or someone so the thing which is left is grief. Grief frequently change completely into aloneness and harsh despair when no one is there to help in their time of loss. Grief is an unhappiness or sadness which exists with crying. In this situation, we don't know what is gonna happening there, we're just crying and imagine or remember the moments we spent with the person we loss, miss them and cry by seeing the pictures of them.

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