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    Advantages of Addiction

    Advantages of Addiction

    Addiction of any kind is omnipotent, be it a drug addiction or alcohol addiction.Once it gains control over us it becomes very exhausting and burdening on our mind and soul.It is very overpowering sometimes and makes us want to overcome it by doing everything possible.
    We can achieve everything and anything which we deemed impossible before.
    It is like looking into a new world of possibilities cause it can motivate and push us to the extreme. Here, we are talking about the people who have dealt with addiction in their past.
    Such people see the darker side of life to such an extent that even a ray of morning sunlight and the golden sunset can fill their heart with relief and joy for the life they have been given.
    They try to extract the maximum potential and their ability to fight in any situation or display their creativity and change the lives of others around them in a good way.
    They can become a beacon of hope for their communities and the entire world.

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    Very good post from the author which showcases the advantages of addiction and I was really floored by the observations made there in that if one has the will power even the drug addict can make the difference.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am not very convinced about the logic. Why get addicted and use our willpower and abilities to overcome that. In fact, with the same willpower, you can be away from drugs and use your abilities to do many other constructive works to showcase your strength.In Telugu, there is a proverb which means why to step into the mud and why to wash the feet. It is better not to enter into the mud so that the water can be used for some other purpose. In fact, once a [person gets addicted to the drugs and alcohol he will become so weak that even he can't think of anything else.
    However, the author has made a very good attempt and presented the aspect very nicely. Always there is no rule that all should agree with our perception.

    always confident

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    In most of the cases we know how tragic the addict's life ends, Be it gambling, alcohol, drugs, finally the person addicted to it will either lose his money or his health and will end up in a condition where he has no money for his food. Even the society does not give any value to the addicts. Addicts are a curse for a nation, especially young addicts. I cannot see a positive side to addiction especially when it hinders one's health.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Nice post by the author which creates positive impact of addiction on human beings. Addiction to harmful things is bad, but addiction to good things is good for everyone. One should try and look at the bright side of their life. Life will also become beautiful. If we try and make our passions as addiction, then we can become very successful and happy people in our lives.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Addiction often has negative vibes emanating from it when used in conservation or discussions. Very good thread by the author, people who have given up addiction to alcohol/drugs show that they have the inner strength to come out the habit.Hence they are far more resilient than the rest.
    In fact many support group meetings, alcohol de-addiction clinics, kicking the drug habit groups all have counselor and many of them are reformed addicts. There's nothing better than to see a person who have given up the habit to motivate the addicts to achieve similar results. It's amazing to see the transformation of such people from drug addicts without a future to a pillar of strength who can shape the future of many new people in dire states.

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