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    Rahul Gandhi knows Karate and Narender Modi is expert in Yoga. The coming poll will be on this.

    To a personal question by a student, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said that he knows Karate fighting very much and even share some photos in the social media. We all know our Prime Minister Narender Modi is the ardent supporter and follower of Yoga and yogic exercises. The coming elections to different state and the general elections shall mainly focus on this issue. Having seen popularity of PM being increasing with his exposure in social media, now Rahul Gandhi is also matching with different tricks.
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    Is the yoga of Modi or Karate of Rahul Gandhi is going to save the nation from Pakistan and China? Are these are used to eradicate poverty in India? Are they can create employment and eradicate unemployment through these technics. I don't feel so. These are not the issues to be discussed in elections. Either in State elections or in parliament elections there are many other problems and points which are to be given importance rather than these nonissues. How the karate of Rahul Gandhi will help the country. Similarly how yoga can bring in laurels to the country. Financial issues, industrialisation, employment creation, infrastructure creation, price control and development in the country, narrowing down the gap between rich and the poor, curbing the corruption, and so many other issues are there to talk about. A person who is having a good understanding of these problems and who can fight for the fulfilment of these problems should be the person and should be the party to win.
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