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    Suggestion to have school vacations altered

    The rain is lashing now (normally in November december of every year) heavily in many parts of Tamil Nadu. Many people are suffering due to this havoc. Children of many schools left with holidays. Teachers and school authorities are blinking to finish the portions. Similar situations are prevailing in Mumbai and other states.
    To prevent this a suggestion that schools may reduce or change the summer vacation according to the rainy season of concerned states.
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    It may be a good idea to change the vacations. Generally, all schools will have Christmas holidays in December end or Pongal holidays in mid-January. These holidays can be cancelled. One day holiday for Christmas and two days holidays for Pongal can be declared. These holidays can be preponed to Diwali. That will give holidays during the rainy season. There will not be any problem for summer holidays. But there may be an objection saying that Dasara vacation and Deepavali vacation will come almost very near. But what we can do for Dasara also only holidays can be declared. Total one month holidays can be declared as Rainy season holidays. So two-term holidays, rainy season holidays and summer holidays. After half-yearly examinations rainy season holidays and after final exams summer holidays. Students also will have some relief ater their extensive schedules.
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    I do believe that schools do have vacations based on the extreme climatic conditions of that particular state. Northernmost states have less summer vacation and longer winter vacations due to the extreme winter and fog. They follow the academic year of April to Feb. Whereas in southern states we have longer summer vacation and a week's winter vacation.

    Rainy season is unpredictable but schools do give emergency holidays during the rainy season when there is continuous rain.

    In Mumbai, the situations have calmed down, earlier when there was heavy lash down of rains, there was a slight disturbance in the daily routine but now everything is back to normal life.

    In my personal opinion the best pattern that we had in Dehradun was as follows:

    April - New Academic Year
    May- mid July - Summer Vacation
    Mid July to September- First Half and ends with exams
    2 weeks in Sept or Oct - mini Vacation
    Oct -1st Week of Dec : Second Half
    Dec to mid Jan : Winter Vacation (which would get extended if there is extreme cold condition and snow)
    Jan -Feb: Final Exams and Results
    March: Year Break

    The Syllabus would get finished on time with enough time to spare of non-academic activities as well. Our school timings were from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    I believe the same is followed in the south as well as per the climatic condition but maybe as rain is not so predictable it won't be wise to give holidays during the month of November.

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    This is a good suggestion but logistically very difficult to implement statewide.For this year, I think the only way out is special classes, some half day classes on Sundays and cancelling routine public holidays till exams and as a last resort postponing exams by a 2-4 weeks after making arrangement for the 2018-2019 year to start on time.This would need the co-operation of teachers, parents and schools.

    Or we can learn from Kashmir, in the past due to prolonged holidays due to violence, winter holidays have been cancelled and in some instances, children promoted based on their performance in the I term exams before the events. You can propose this to the Tamilnadu education board, they can take the average of the performance on the monthly tests and mid-term exams till date instead of cramming all the pending lessons into the poor young minds and confusing them more.

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