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    Do we all have addiction for our thoughts?

    We all think in our own way and often end up arguing with a person who thinks unlike us. Generally, most of us don't give a heed to what others say and we continue doing things according to our thoughts. But if we want to change something in our life or in the society, then we should change our way of thinking and also we should start considering what others say. If we come out of addiction with our thoughts then we can expect many good things in a positive way.
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    We all think in our own way and we feel our thoughts are correct. Many of us feel we are correct and we will not easily yield to the opinion of others. We feel that doing things as per our thoughts is correct. The people will think very strongly about the problems, they will make out multiple ways of solving the problem and finally choose the best one. But when it comes to other's problems we will not think in such a serious way and we will give our opinions and we feel that he has not cared for our advice. But you will understand only when you get into their shoes and look at the things we may appreciate the thoughts of the other person. Similarly, everyone should have the habit of hearing others version also and see how practical it is and is it better than our thoughts and should consider if that suggestion is felt better. Don't go with a preconceived idea that our thoughts only are always correct and precise.
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    I don't feel thinking in our own way can be termed as addiction. That is our right and in fact, a person should be able to think and take decisions by himself. Arguing with anyone is not advisable but that does not mean we have to agree to the other person. We can always make our point clear without arguing itself. The situations and how a person was bought up will have impacts on his thoughts and way of thinking. So two people can't think alike if they are from different backgrounds. Sticking on to what we say without even thinking from others point of view is not correct. But for that, I would never use the word addiction.
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    Thinking is not an addiction but a natural process. Some people are over-thinkers and they get lost in whatever thoughts they have been.Be it a positive or a negative one. The thought process is the reason for our actions. If we have good thoughts in our mind, we will feel and utter positive. If we surround ourselves with negativity, we can only get the negativity around.
    Our thoughts control our mind. Try and change your thoughts to make life more meaningful.

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    Actually we are all stubborn and addicted to our own thoughts. We sometimes think that what ever we initiate is great and final and wont heed to others request or ideas. By doing things differently some times we excel in our tasks much to the delight of our own selves and getting a pat from others. But that is not going to happen every time. What I am trying to insist here that we must be open to rave criticism from others and that would certainly format our thinking process and performance. If we stick to our ideas and get addicted then where is the scope for development and new life ?
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    I wouldn't say we are addicted to our thoughts, maybe we have strong views on certain things. Like girls should not go out late in the evenings, boys should not argue with elders in a loud voice, junior staff should not talk to us or overtake us, we should let things as it is rather than try doing new things. Some elders at home do not like married women speaking jovially to other men, this is not their thought process, it is their view on the subject of how married women should speak to strangers. Our thoughts depend on our experience, upbringing, maturity and emotional well being. Sometimes our thoughts are influenced by the bias we have about a particular event, the enviornment we are in and the context in which the subject is being discussed. It is difficult to change our views overnight, it takes time and rationale thinking and explanations to slowly change our views.

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