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    Friends! Have you heard about India's youngest martyr?

    10th October, 1938 - 8 p.m.: British soldiers and police from Dhenkanal town arrested some villagers of Bhuvan, a sleepy village in Orissa. The leaders of Prajamandal (a local body fighting for independence) started protesting against the arbitrary arrest and gheraoed the Police Station demanding immediate release of the arrested villagers. The soldiers opened fire and killed two protesters. Angry villagers tried to surround those Britishers. The soldiers panicked and fled towards Nilkanthpur Ghat. Their plan was to cross Brahmani river by boat and reach the safety of Dhenkanal town.

    The British force reached Nilkanthpur Ghat at the last night. A twelve-year old young boy (a 'Banar Sena' of the Prajamandal) was manning the ghat in the very early morning on that black 11th October. He heard about the atrocity committed by the Britishers at Bhuvan village last night. The boy noticed the fleeing Britishers and immediately took the decision. He would never allow them to cross Brahmani. When the Britishers asked, he point-blank refused to ferry them across the river.

    The troops threatened to shoot him, he again refused. One of the Britishers then hit him with the butt of his rifle. The young boy's skull was fractured. He collapsed, but gathering every strength, he raised his voice and announced that he would not ferry them till he was alive. Another soldier pierced his bayonet into the soft skull of the brave boy.

    Other soldiers opened fire. The brave boy along with his four brave young friends was martyred, but not even a single British soldier could cross Brahmani river on that black morning of 11th October, 1938.

    Dear Indians! Let us not forget the youngest martyr of India. Let us not forget 12-year old Baji Rout (born 5th October, 1926) and his young friends (Fagu Sahoo, Hirushi Pradhan, Laxman Malik and Nata Malik) who dedicated their lives for the sake of our beautiful country. These very people brought independence to the country by sacrificing their lives; not those who courted arrest and enjoyed comfortable stint in jail as first-class prisoners.
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    Hat's off to this brave boy. At the age of 12, achieving the honour of youngest freedom fighter of India is a great achievement. One more unsung hero in the India freedom Struggle. Another unknown martyr's name strikes me. Thillaiyadi Valliammai, a 16-year-old daughter of an Indian vegetable seller, went to prison in Johannesburg for standing up against the apartheid regime, she underwent three months of hard labour only to die soon after the release in February 1914. She worked with Mahatama Gandhi during his struggle in South Africa.

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    While I fully acknowledge the bravery and the patriotism of the boys my skeptical heart needs few answers. British navy is one of the most powerful in the world. I'm pretty sure that every soldier can maneuver every kind of sea-borne vehicle. When they overwhelmed the boys why is there even a need for negotiation? They could have taken over the ferry and drifted away. I think local legends heaped upon the true story.
    We know that Britishers aren't softhearted from Jallianwala Bagh massacre. So there is a little chance that four boys could have stalled the Britishers from escaping the villagers.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    British navy was one of the most pwerful navy of the world. But does it mean that a group of British soldiers could use small country-boats to cross a fast-flowing river at nights without any help?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I earlier used to thought that the youngest martyr for Indian independence was Khudi Ram Bose but he was the youngest to be hanged by Britisher because of his revolutionary activities and love for the country, and recently I got to know there were many young martyrs who gave their life for the sweet fruit of independence which we are enjoying today through an article published in a newspaper and this thread reminded me of that article.
    Reading the stories of these martyrs I always get inspired and think that we should never forget with how much difficulties we have got it how much cruelty and heinous crimes our freedom fighters suffered for this independence and we should never forget its importance and keep reminding ourselves that how much it should be valued.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    But still.. I don't accept that none in that platoon could ride a single boat. I mean, the first thing Britishers did,as per records, is to mingle with the society and learn the local culture. They must have figured out centuries ago, what kind of transportation Indians are using. And the fact that the boy was hit by the butt of the gun rather than was shot at sight, is somewhat not digestible to me. Because we all are well aware of British oppression. Why would and should they tolerate a simple unarmed boy who's rebelling against them?
    And you cannot disagree this. No one negotiates when the life is on line.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is great that a young boy from Indian gave away his life for the sake of freedom to Indu. I think he is the youngest person who died for the sake of Independence. Hats off to him and his friends we sacrificed life for the sake of country.
    always confident

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    For the first time I am coming across the bravery act of Baji Rout and his young friends Fagu Sahoo, Hirushi Pradhan, Laxman Malik and Nata Malik. who equivalently brave and dedicated their lives for the country. Kudos to their courage.
    K Mohan
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