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    Micromanagement - Good or bad?

    What are the pros & cons of micromanagement at the workplace? Express your views in this thread.

    What is your opinion about micromanaging? Does your boss have a tendency to micromanage?
    I personally feel too much close observation of a subordinate's work is not required. Once in a while, if it is done, that would be fine. But if the procedure of micromanaging is adopted, the employees will feel demotivated and demoralized. For anything and everything, the employees will have to consult with the manager. This makes their life miserable.

    If we look from the manager's point of view, for him, he will have complete control over his subordinates and the tasks they do. It might help the managers to solve problems before it turns out to be a big issue. It also helps them to find the hard-working and talented employees.

    If your boss adopts the micromanagement style, how do you cope up with it?
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    MIcromanagement as far as I have observed it bad in the industry that I have worked. I haven't seen a project where the employee is happy or the work is fruitful.

    If the management cannot trust the employees capable enough to do their duties on their own without their intervention, why even hire them. If you have hired them, trust them enough to do their work as well.

    My current team lead and manager is one gem of the kind. They are so good with us, they have complete trust and have made our life easier by making it flexible. The more you try to have control or be bossy over your employee the lesser they will put their heart and soul.

    Micromanagement has to be tackled, they should understand how much bad effect it is having on the team. We should not cope up with the micromanagement style instead it should be dealt with and uprooted from the system.

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    Micromanagement in workplace is really bad and it will have negative impact. Some management think that with micromanagement they ensure all the tasks are performed in precise manner. But actually they end up losing productivity with the loss of employees. Employees very well know their responsibilities and are matured enough to complete their tasks without any supervision. In today's world young employees are more responsible and they have a clear vision about their career and so obviously there are no chances of them being idle without completing their work. The management should gain confidence on the employees they hire, provide them a convenient workplace and encourage flexible working practices. Micromanagement is clearly a mismanagement.

    You can deal with micromanagement as a team. As a team try to build confidence by showcasing your daily tasks, successfully completed projects etc. If at all they do not change you have to match up with their values and beliefs,try to see things from their view point. Build good communication and eventually you can challenge them to complete a task of your own successfully and give them frequent update on the progress.

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    Normally in big and professionally managed companies , the work pressure and the powers are decentralized and subordinates are given more powers and teeth to deal with and only report abnormal issues to the head of the company. If a manager tries to control all the department and staff, the work coordination greatly affects as the late in task being attempted with a blame on Manager who has not given the right direction or tools to complete the pending job. So the work efficiency of each employee and over all department shall reduce.
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    The question of micromanagement depends on the perspective of the manager and the size of the industry. There are many industries in Hyderabad I have seen are of single man show. The owner or the Managing Director of the company is the only person who is having full authority or understanding of the work. He can't have more managers under him as overheads will increase and cut into their profits. The size of the company is also not very big. In such cases micromanagement, only will work properly. Otherwise, if the things are decentralised the MD himself can't control the things once they go out of proportion. So those cases micromanagement is the best.
    But in bigger Organisation where there are many able hands to handle the matters micromanagement is not the correct method to be adopted. In this case, the MD will get overloaded and other seniors will become unaccountable.These situations are not at all desirable. If the top boss is not happy or having no trust on a particular senior, it is not advisable to continue there. Better look for an alternative and get changed.

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