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    What inspires you to work out?

    Is there some specific factor which inspires you to work out & thereby stay fit? Why not share your inspirational tips with others and help them stay fit too!

    We know that any kind of exercise is better than none. Every one of us wants to stay fit, but the only issue is the laziness to exercise. Some argue that they don't get time for it. But there are people who are into regular exercises. What is that factor that inspires you to work out daily?

    Is it because you want to stay fit and you are health conscious or is it because you have a set of friends with whom you go out for exercise daily? Are you self-motivated or is it due to some kind of pressure? Whatever be the reason keep on continuing the good practice as once we stop, it affects our health.

    My friend recently told me about her dad, who was a regular player. But as he was getting old, the children asked him to stay at home itself. But that affected his health. As he stopped going out with his friends for playing in the morning, he started to wake up late and ended up eating more. Now his sugar levels have shot up.

    If you are healthy and fit, keep on doing the stuff that you are doing now so that it keeps you healthy.
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    So far as work-out is concerned, I strictly follow Paul Terry, who said in June, 1937: ''Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away''. For me, this is the apt advice which I abide by without any hesitation.
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    It's easier to say the opposite, what keeps us away from a workout, a busy day, a bad day, late evening meetings, cloudy drizzling mornings, sheer laziness and good dinner party. Many of us like myself workout for the fear of being unfit and inviting diseases. I find setting small targets at the gym helps you to focus and stay motivated.One can get motivated by just looking at the number of people who come out walking in the park, using the gym and jogging in the mornings.

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    Doing Work outs Is a very good habit but we should do it regularly if we didn't do it regularly after a long chain then there will be a small changes which affect our body a lot.... Laziness is the ?? devil which stops us from doing good works like exercises... Stay away from laziness... As we all know fitness is very important for our body and we look more good from outfit and inside when we do excises..... Health conscious is maintained more due to exercises and excercises improve our body metabolism also and.. Keeps bad fat away from us and keep obesity away from us........ By seeing body builders and other persons who are old but maintaining body...... How much care they are taking we should learn from... Them Dwayne Johnson is my inspiration..............

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    Normally keeping good health and waking up early , doing some exercise or the other is purely the liking and compulsion on the part of Individuals and we cannot recommend same exercise for all. For example if a person is too much obese and we cannot recommend him to run for five kilometers and thus he gets demotivated. Like wise what motivates us to work out on own may be we want to keep our health in good condition as we are getting aged and those who are irregular in their food habits, they are much to be worried.
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    I have always been unhealthy as a kid, but now my immunity has grown up with me. All thanks to little breathing exercises and stretches I do. And I follow this channel in YouTube where you can learn how to make a solid body out of layers of fat at home.
    No gym or equipment required. That saves me time and money.
    And I'd say I'm being benefited greatly.
    As far as my motive is concerned, it's very simple. I want to stay until the end. I want to stay here as long as I can because there are a lot of things I don't know yet. And for that I need a physical vessel in a working condition.

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    There is only one factor that inspires me though not often but whenever the thought comes I ensure to do at least some workout. The thought of medicines really scares me and I will do anything to be away from them. But unfortunately, they always find their ways to you.

    To keep them at bay I do cycling though not regular but I make sure to do it at least 5 times a week. Since I love cycling I can ride and go anywhere I want to, indirectly it helps me to be fit as well.

    I loved the quote which Mr. Partha had quoted," I strictly follow Paul Terry, who said in June, 1937: ''Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away''. For me, this is the apt advice which I abide by without any hesitation." It was funny, never read this quote before.

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    My motivation is the freshness and extra energy that we have after a workout, be it a half hour's walking, simple yoga or jogging, it also gives sometime to think over the day\s planned activities and remind ourselves about the one's that important. Some people in the business sector religiously attending the gym and the local park daily morning, they are very friendly, maybe it helps them to build their network of contacts or clients.

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    To become fit and healthy ,my first inspiration was my father. He's wake up early in the morning and do yoga. I do not workout in gym and excercise, I just follow my dad, wake up in the morning and do yoga with my father. I think and feel yoga make us healthy, fit and also keep away from illness. We are not where we should be and comeptition is enough motivation to do excercise to change ourself. My Father stands with me for support to everywhere where I needs.

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