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    Why am I not into books?

    Are you one of those who do not have the reading habit? Share your reasons why this is so.

    I have always wondered why I do not have the habit of reading. Some of my friends are into books and their biggest dream is to have a library of their own. Somehow reading is not my cup of tea. I would like to know whether there are other members like me.

    However, even though I tried, I can't be a bookie. I do read magazines and articles but not books. Do you fall asleep as you pick a book to read? Some say for them to sleep fast, they just need to have a book in their hand.

    In fact, it is better that everyone develops the habit of reading. We get to visualize things as we read and, also, the more you read the more you learn. It is a relief from loneliness. As you learn more, your approach and outlook towards life changes. The only thing I can do now is to train my kids to have the habit of reading.
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    Reading books is something I have cherished for many years. In fact, one of the healthiest addiction is reading books, You just have to visit a library or a used bookshop, people lose track of time as they stand to go through the books. As you start reading frequently, you develop a habit of scanning through and keywords fly past you very quickly. I know some friends who'll read a fiction novel in 2-3 nights at bedtime after dinner.
    In Western countries, the public library is well stocked compared to ours and children are encouraged to read by taking their favourite books up to 5 at once for a period of 2 weeks.During the holiday season, children would participate in a competition wherein they tell the library staff what they have understood from the story. We've seen this personally and hence sharing this.
    I think we should encourage children to read books, join book clubs and libraries to cultivate this wonderful pastime. Even you can try your hand at it. start with small ones on topics dearer to you and see the change.

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    You see, not very long ago, before we became puppets of tv and internet, everyone had a favorite book.
    Even today, some of us are helping this dying tradition survive. Books help people cultivate proper imagination.
    Tell me. Without any former experience, students are let into the real world. Schools don't teach everything. So what else can save these amateur graduates? Imagination.
    You don't have to be through stuff if you can imagine them.
    Imagination is a powerful too and books help us cultivate it.

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    I also do not have a habit of reading. But since the time I have started to write, I have started reading as well. Though it gets hard to find out time for reading in the work life, I try to do it on weekends. I never had any craze for reading in my life. But writing out my thoughts have developed this habit in me. Since I like to explore more, I feel like reading more. Reading enhances your thoughts and is the best source of learning. Reading some thoughful books will bring in nice ideas also.
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    If the reading is encouraged during childhood itself, it will stay with even when they turn old. Reading triggers the imagination of the readers.

    I can say I used to forget to eat or sleep while reading. Once I even missed my classes as I was so engrossed in reading a book which I took from the library. If not in the home, even in schools reading can be encouraged, we used to have library period once a week. The library was one of the places that I always loved to be when I was in school. Even the librarian became so friendly that she would allow me to take books daily to read, as per rules we were allowed only one book a week.

    We should encourage and introduce young children to the world of books instead of letting them watch cartoons. Reading can trigger the young creative minds beyond what an adult can comprehend.

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    I am fond of reading novels. story books, history books, online forums, blogs e.t.c but whenever I open my course-related book I feel like sleeping as mentioned by author and often sleep also.
    But Novels are one thing that I am always ready to read even Encyclopedia physical version always makes me interested to read it. I think you should read one or more interesting novel you will definitely feel enchanted and attracted towards them if the plot and story are good.

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    Well reading books wont be liked by many for various reasons. First of all they think that one has to give lot of time reading the book. And the speed which they used to read and complete the book is another task for them. Invariably some would glance and keep the book aside. What I want to insist here that , there must be urge, inner thought to read a book and get inspired by its write up and content. One thing is sure, if you start reading a book some where or the other you connect with the author and his perception of the matter. That is enough to sustain further interest of his work for future to verify and read.
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    Once upon a time, while I was a boy, I was fond of reading story books and weekly Tamil magazines. As a bachelor, I used to read lot of books. But after my marriage, my good wife once said,"What is this dear? Don't you have any other job to do other than reading Kumudham and Anandhavikatan and Rani? Why are you wasting your money to buy such books? Read some good English books." Though I was not happy, I obliged her and stopped reading Tamil books. As English was not a cup of tea for me, I gave up reading books, but newspapers only. Now I am with my computer to read and write.
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    I love books and fortunately for me, so do my daughter and husband. The only 'vice' that all of us have, is buying and reading books. One room in my home has been converted into a library. We also have bookcases in every room. There is always a book on each of our bedside table.

    The habit of reading begins early. My mother loved reading and I have fond memories of her recommending books for me to read. I also recall going to the Sunday Market (Kabadi Bazaar) where vendors would sell old books on the footpath, in Delhi's Daryaganj. I'd look forward to those trips, which meant I could spend my pocket money buying books of my favourite authors.

    If anything excites me, it is walking into a bookstore. The smell and sight of books invigorate me – I feel like a child in a toy store. We look after our books. They are in pristine condition, even though we've had most of them for years. And I don't lend my books because people don't know how to look after them.

    I also do a décor on Christmas, using books with titles that have the word Christmas. It makes an interesting conversation piece.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Since my childhood I have been a voracious reader. This habit has been developed due to my parents and other relatives. However, now this habit has been creating some unrest in my residence. For example, there is a small function at my residence tonight. Some guests will come. For making space (in a three-bedroom accommodation with three members), I had to shift around two hundred books of mine to my sister's residence (who resides in the next block) today morning.
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    The best way to start getting some interest in reading for adults is coffee table books. These are elegantly bound books on common things that are related to life. I think it's worth investing in a few books on home remedies, medical care at home for minor ailments and injuries, have your garden in an apartment, grandmother's recipes or cooking for dummies etc. These books do not need a lot of focus, can be kept in a corner in the hall or on the coffee table.

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    I like reading. As and when I get some chance I like reading a book. I am more comfortable in reading the physical books. I feel a little inconvenient in reading the electronic copy of the books. When I was in my Doctorate studies I used to spend more time in reading the books and noting down the important points. Even those books are available with me today also. I don't read novels and serials. I like to read subject books or some literature ( TELUGU) books. This habit came to me from my father. These days slowly the habit of reading books is coming down. Many people refer through google whatever doubts they have. So there is no necessity for them to read the book at one time. Whenever I go out or my sons go out, if it happened to see a good book, we will purchase keep it in our library and we will read as and when we get some time. My both the sons also like reading. These days am not getting much time to read books. But I will somehow try to read a book per a week. It is good to have the book reading habit.
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    Coffee table books are way too expensive for someone who has never owned a book to invest in. I also think they make good décor pieces, but are they the perfect reading material? My collection consists of books with just images with very little text. The books are also very large and not meant for leisure reading. Also, if one decides to use them in the living room, the house should be centrally air-conditioned. Yes, they come with dust covers, but the covers damage so easily and I don't like that.

    For that matter, even normal hardbound books are costlier than paperbacks.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Coffee table books was just a suggestion. We can pick and choose these coffee table books with information, yes they are pricey but at least it would stimulate some to flip through the pages for the money they've paid. It comes handy, we have two general knowledge and one home remedies book that gets taken out regularly for some references when to computers are switched off.

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    #613976 Finally I found someone like me. I am also not a person who does not read at all but I am not at all crazy about it.

    #614018 I like your Christmas collections.

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