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    Truth is hard to digest

    Find it difficult to take it in when somebody tells the truth? What are your views on digesting truth - tasty? or bitter?

    Truth is really hard to digest, when it is going against your thought. We say truth is always bitter.
    But truth holds the power in itself, it cannot be hidden, it cannot be changed. It will carry its own significance.

    I have actually felt how powerful and indigestible the truth is; it feels like that particular word or sentence is somewhat stuck in your throat. You are trying to gulp the words that you just heard. But, it's getting difficult for you to digest. Sometimes, when we do not really want to hear the truth, we try to fade away our thought from it. we try to forget it, trying to forget what was being told. That is because we do not want that truth to get through our head. We try to pamper ourselves with the thought that we want to hear, and we keep that going in our mind.

    Truth sometimes seem like a bite of food that we feel is tasty, but is not at all good in taste and when the tongue gets its taste and tries to digest it through the throat, the throat does not allow it to get into the stomach. The throat seems like choking hearing that truth.

    We need to bear the truth and understand its significance. We need to learn how to digest truth in our lives.
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    Our elders used to tell us that "Sach Kadva Hotha hain" and the elders used to say the truth which would show case as sore to us. Right from the ages, it is proved beyond doubt that truth prevails and the world is solely depend on that. And even our courts work on proof and truth. There are instances in some prolonging cases the courts as to keep on arguing for the truth to come out in favor of the aggrieved and thus even after so many years people have won the case and the understood the reality of the truth. Truth prevails and there cannot be short cut to attend and show case the real truth.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, certainly true, the truth is always difficult to handle for us and people around us. It takes a great deal of maturity and experience to understand truth and accept it is. People go to great lengths to hide the truth Why? it is too difficult to handle, too powerful and can destroy careers and lives, can break a heart and a relationship. Many of us cannot adjust at work, in social circles and in society if we have a frim non-compromising belief that I will not lie but say the truth.This is because the truth is always bitter to digest.
    For instance, Politicians promise that we will eradicate poverty fully knowing that they can't during their terms; people don't want to hear that the poor will remain poor only and politicians want to win. Doctors say everything is alright when the patient is dying, why? families do not want to hear about death and need some hope. An ugly looking person is always reassured by their friends and family that the person is beautiful because they know that the person will feel bad and hence tell a small lie. When a child fails in the exams, parents always blame the teacher and school because they cannot digest the fact that their child is not up to the mark and not fit to be passed.
    Hence, I conclude that the truth is bitter to digest.

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    I agree Mr Mohan... "sach kdwa hota hai" - may be that is the reason we cannot gulp it.
    Rightly said Natarajan, those are the real basic examples of bitter truth

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Truth is always bitter. Many people dare to say the truth. They will feel uncomfortable in facing the truth. But ethics says we should always say truth only. If you look back at the history we come across people like Dharmaraju and Harischandra. These people always said truth only. Both of them faced many difficulties in their life. Even then they never have gone back on truth and stood firm in the life If you talk about Harischandra lost all his kingdom, his wife, his son and finally, he has become the caretaker of a burial ground. But even at that position, he has not gone back on his word. Ultimately all Gods are very happy with him and given back all his assets to him. So we say his firmness on truth only made him get back all whatever he lost.
    In case of DharmaRaju also we all know the difficulties he has encountered. He along with his brothers and wife has to go to forest for 12 years and spend 1 year without revealing the identity. For his truthfulness, he was rewarded in the end.
    These two cases reveal that we should not leave truth for temporary benefits and if we stood on truth definitely you will be rewarded.

    always confident

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    Yes, the truth is had to digest sometimes. We are actually not prepared for it is the reason why we find it difficult to digest. Also, it is believed that one-day truth will come out even if we try to hide it with a pile of lies. Like Mr. Rao said Harishchandra is known even today as the one who speaks truth only. Whenever people say that I can't lie, immediately others ask, are you Harischandra's son.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Some truths are not just hard to digest but hard to spit as well, many tend to swallow it rather than spilling it out in front of others for the fear of the consequences.

    We tend to believe this proverb that, "the truth is bitter" which is quite popular as well but that's not the case. Truth is never bitter, we just don't want to hear the truth. The lies appear to be sweeter than the truth, which doesn't prevail for long, so we think that truth is bitter.

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