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    Mobile phones have become our best friends - Agree?

    Do you think the mobile phone has become your best friend? Share in this thread about whether or not the phone has truly become your best friend.

    We love our mobile phones. We just cannot think of losing it. Mobile phones have now become our best friends! Everyone will agree to it.

    We cannot survive even a single day without our mobile phones. Need any help, call someone, we again have that best friend in hand. Feeling bored, turn on the music; our best friend will guide you through its best search engine i.e. Google, giving you the best songs to listen. Want to do some learning, just open google chrome and start your searches. Want to record your moments, have a selfie, your best friend is again there to guide you. Our moods are now dependent on the mobile phones.

    Our heads remain hung towards the mobile phone just like a T-shirt hung on a hanger. We smile, we walk, we talk, we listen and even we eat through our mobile phones. Life has become way different from the past.

    We put in our basic details on our mobile phones, our Aadhar number, our PAN number and multiple other details. So mobile also contains our personal information.

    We love our mobile phones in such a way, that we always take care to update its outer cover, make sure that the tempered glass has not broken down, always keep trying to protect it. We, in many ways, have given life to our mobile phones, a non-living thing and so they are playing the role of our best friends and partners in life.

    We do not even need people in life when we have this thing in hand. Don't you agree? This small Android gadget has changed our life drastically.
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    Mobile phones have not only become friend in need but also friend in deed. Recently I had to travel to Chennai alone for a urgent work and I had no friend or family member with me. The journey was sudden and not planned . Hence I had to adjust with seating arrangement in train and while coming I had to reach my home by bus. During the journey my mobile was the best friend and I had quite interesting browsing of new things and the whole journey was not that boring or tedious as I thought. Yes this proves that mobiles have become our soul mate and we cannot live without them even for one minute.
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    Yeah I agree with you because now a days mobiles are playing a very prominent role In our society . . They didn't become our friends they became our souls....... No one can spend a whole day without mobile..... Because now a days technology developed and every need we want in our surroundings have became online.....for example online shopping.... Etc we can sit In home and know what ever is going in the outside world and this information gives us a lot of knowledge. If our partner or parents are in abroad we can speak with them on mobile and video calling tooo this gives us a lot of happiness by seeing parents even though it is a electronic device it gives us a lot of happiness..... If we are alone. Then it becomes our partner...... Mobile..... It manipulates our mood. And makes us happy.

    Everything should be used in limit if we use beyond limits there Are disadvantages too.


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    I am sorry I cannot term the mobile as a friend instead I can call this as 'associate'. A true friend is one to us who never get a bad name to us but the mobile in many cases brings a bad name to us as we many of us knowingly or unknowingly telling lie in may situations while using mobile. We tell to the caller that we are in Bus stand but telling that we are in cinema hall to avoid the caller or avoid meeting him or her. But in some odd hours the mobile helps a lot we cannot deny. Once I saw in the city bus a girl of some college was crying as she kept her chain in the class room desk. Immediately a friend of her took her mobile and called the lecturer and ask to help to trace the same and in five minutes she got the reply that the chain was with the lecturer. The crying girl satisfied with peace.

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    Mobile phones has become our companions and made our daily life easier. Apart from staying connected it is a key to entertainment, networking, navigation, schedules etc. I feel My mobile is a boon to me as it unbearably makes me to reach the office at correct time. Tracking the live traffic in my office route, it urges me to get ready soon. Be it a weather forecasts or the route map, mobile phones has made travelling easy and safe. Now I feel like I can't survive a day without my mobile. I know I am over-dependent on it but I can't just ignore it.

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    Mobile phones have become a friend in need for many and best friends for some.Today our lives have become easy, comfortable and safe with the advent of mobile phones. Smartphones have added the luxury of doubling up as a phone and as a computer on the move for important functions of daily life. Traditional mobile phones were basically for communication for activities, for availing a service food delivery, ordering a product, fixing an appointment and keeping in touch with family.
    Smartphones have really become an upgrade to store important information, record events in high quality very quickly, to update a wider section of the public about an emergency, an important event etc. I would disagree with the last line (we don't even need people when we have a mobile). Humans are important for humans to have a life with meaning and be socially acceptable and gadgets cannot replace them.

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    My opinion is different. The mobile phone has become part of our body. Without that we are handicapped. Like our hand, leg, face. mind etc., mobile is also a part of our body. It is an essential part of our body now.
    It is our guide, it is our mentor, it is our associate, it is our partner and it is more than our life partner. These days there is no life without a phone.
    We were so addicted to our phone without that we can't even spend one hour without a phone in our hand. We can manage 2 or 3 days without food but we can't manage one hour without the phone. In fact, mobile has become very important.If we have the cell in our hand indicates that the whole world is in our hand. The real revolution in the communication system has come with the cell phone introduction only. So these days we can say there is no life without a cell phone in the hand.

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    I have had a mobile phone since just last one year due to necessity. It is definitely not my best friend, though, and never will be. I far prefer my human best friends!

    Though proved to be useful a couple of times, the phone is an extremely distractive device most of the time. My real best friends - and all my friends in fact - are never a distraction. No matter what I am doing, if they enter my space, I am very willing to interact with them. I can depend on them, to provide a shoulder to lean on, to lend a ear, to share my joys and sorrows. No way a gadget will ever replace them. I can have emotional bonds with my friends, never with the phone.

    I would hate to lose a friend, not so much my phone.

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    Everybody have a different opinion regarding this. There is one thing very clear, we get the most worried when we lose our mobile phone. I have seen people do not remeber the cell numbers and if in any case by mistake they lose their phone, it panics them a lot, how to get it back and how to get the phone number of important people.
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    I feel slightly in a different way. Mobile phone is not a friend, but a very close relative. I don't know by what name I should call that relationship. Mobile is always with us, where ever we go. Even we don't take our better half to every place we go. Only when we sleep mobile may be out of our hand. Now it is more than a phone. It is a sort of an encyclopedia and help bring the latest news at our fingertip.
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    To me mobile phone is not a friend. It is like a distant relative with whom I have uneasy relationship, but I can't afford to ignore it completely.
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    I would never ever consider mobile phone as a companion.I would defenitely consider it as a necessary gadget in the present era but never a companion or a friend.Infact I would consider it as a foe as it totally disconnects one from their real world.I has made people lazy by depending on it for every damn thing.Gone are the days when people use to manually go to pay electricity,water or phone bills.Everything is done through mobie phones.Even movie tickets are done through mobiles.Many students have forgotten to lend a book from the library,instead they opt for Kindle these days.Though ofcourse in many cases it saves us time I still feel its a nusiance.I find people inside a movie theatre who have come to just unwind themselves unable to switch off their phones for a mere 2 and half hrs duration,still others who have religiously kept on mute or switched off will immediately fiddle with it during the movie break.I have observed a similar situation in aircrafts as if their life would come to standstill if they don't respond to a mail or a msg.On a vacation again cameras are forgotten,mobiles are used to click photos and immediately shared on social media like WhatsApp.Something called privacy is lost altogether.Every member in the family or every friend knows where and what one is doing currently .I am not against mobile phones or any such gadgets.Infact it does help one to enhance his or her knowledge in various aspects.But I feel people are too dependant on it.People forget basic calculations nor remember their close people's contact number also.For everything they depend on their phones.Without it they feel the world has ended.This is just my personal view.

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    I don't think mobile phone as my best friend, nor do I consider it as so important part of my life. It is definitely a cause of worry when we lose it, as we have invested some amount of money into it and it does have some information in it which would be hard to get back again though not impossible.

    Rather than calling it as my best friend I would say that to some extent we are dependent on it for most of the activity. If we limit our dependency on this gadget, I am sure we can live without it as well. Phone lost can be replaced with the same model again, but when we lose our best friend there is no replacement for it and no one can fill the gap.

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    Yea, to a certain extent. Even though mobile phones can't replace a human best friend, it is acting as a friend as far as possible. We never feel alone when we have a phone with us especially with data on. Like how we chat to a friend, we chat through phones, like how a friend clicks a picture for us, we take selfies with it. We are using mobile phones in all its extreme possible ways. To imagine a life without mobile phones has become impossible now. Actually getting addicted to it.

    When we are at the bus stop, we do not need a company if we have a mobile phone in hand. When we are walking alone, we chose to talk to our dear ones on the phone so the walking becomes interesting. When we are alone in a place or has lost way, we get in touch with others through the phone in hand. Actually, mobile phones help to kill time and of course it can save us also at times.

    But getting addicted to it is not a wise thing. I am getting addicted to it though. I do not have a data on my phone, so when I am t work or outside, the phone really doesn't matter to me. But as soon as I reach home, the Wifi starts functioning and I would want to check my social networking sites, e-mails and so on. Whenever I get a little free time, I always go back to my mobile and my husband complains about it every time. According to him, my works are getting delayed because I spend time in between with the phone.

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    Mobile phone is not a friend. I am trying hard to stop its use. Successfully limited its use.
    People say mobile phone is diabolical cerebral seduction!!

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