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    Welcoming the most awaited season of the year

    Today morning I woke up with the cold waves lingering outside which indicated the start of winter season, the most awaited season throughout the year.

    This year has been so unpredictable with extreme summer and heavy rains during the least expected time. Winters are welcome any time of the year. I love the coziness that winter brings along with it. We used to get long winter vacations during our school days, which I long for now. It was very hard to wake up in the morning during winters but our mother used to dress us up from head to toe with woolen clothes. There were days when the sun would also refuse to shine brightly even at 12, we would long for its warmth. When it does come out to shine, we would rush out and warm ourselves. Days were shorter and nights were longer. We would enjoy when there were snow falls, it was a beautiful sight to see the mountains covered in a blanket of snow, the cold would pierce when the snow melted. Sometimes the fog was so thick that it was hard to see the people in front of us while outside during the early morning hours.

    Winter comes with very good memories and it's always my favorite season. So I wish you all a very Happy Winter Season!!
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    Yes out of all seasons winter is the best and liked by many for their own reasons. I like the winter because we can see people with different outfits to protect themselves from the nagging cold weather. When I was in Delhi we used to wear so many clothes on the body to keep it warm , other wise we cannot cope up. At the office room heaters are provided to safeguard from the chilly weather. But what I gathered experience is that even in that extreme winter I never got the cold or running nose problem which often happens to me at Hyderabad. That means that cold suits me very much.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Winter has started almost a month back. But we are feeling that weather now only. The first half of Karthika madam has already over. Today only we felt a little cold early morning. From my childhood days I have the habit of getting up by 5.00AM in this month and have head bath and go for Poona. Every year I was feeling very cold and facing a little problem in having the normal water bath. But this year there is no problem and I am able have normal water bath without any problem.
    I am also having a liking for winter. No rain and Sun is not very hot. If we feel cold we can use wooden clothes to protect us from the cold wind. If we stand early morning in just rising Sun we will get warm up. When we were in our village early morning we used to have a camp fire in the corner of the house and all family members used to gather there spend sometime by chitchatting and having a hot coffee cup in the hand . A very nice experience and is being missed these days. My mother used to keep doll vessel on th fire and by the time we complete our warm up, the doll is getting cooked.

    always confident

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    Am in Bangaluru and experiencing winter for the last two months. The atmosphere is good with rainy/chilly weather. It is pleasant to remain at home, but not to venture outside the home. Hope the winter during December will be horrible without any sunshine. Bathing has become a problem as our solar water heater is not working due to poor sunlight. I used to take bath twice a day, but now I bath once in two days. I feel more hungry than ever and my good lady is fed up of my demands.
    No life without Sun

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    Winter brings in its own beauty with a difference. The chill in the air is sharp and makes you shudder. There was a time when we needed gloves and caps (monkey caps) as kids, now it's not that cold. The frost that we used to see in the playgrounds and the parks nearby have gone. Often in winter, we have fog in the mornings, but I think it would be related to the air rather than true cold. It's difficult to get kids out of bed. but once they are up, then it's life as usual. Winter favourites for us would be bhelpuri, hot pakodas and a cup of coffee. The only unpleasant side of winter is the struggle faced by the elderly, asthmatics and people with chronic respiratory illness, they have a tough time with frequent visits to doctors.

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