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This thread is the Winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the week 29th Oct to 04th Nov '17.
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    Knock! Knock! I am Addiction. May I come in please?

    We as human beings get attracted and fascinated by so many things in this world. Different people get attracted to different things based on their personalities and this liking then transforms into their interests and passion. People tend to relish following and spending time with their passions.

    Actually in so called mechanical world where people most of the time are busy in following stereotype schedule in fulfilling their responsibilities, this is a very welcome break. Spending time with ones interests and passion is as pleasure giving as finding mirage in a desert.

    But again it is human tendency that they enjoy doing what they like most and tend to spend more and more time with it. It is at this point where that we need to be careful and resist ourselves from getting too much into it. So here comes "Mr Addiction knocking at your door as in title of this thread suggests. Addiction is nothing but following one's interests fanatically in a very uncontrollable and single sided manner to the extent of neglecting ones duties. If we consider river meandering quietly between its banks as our passions and interests then addiction is like same river getting violent and breaking its embankments, causing flood and destruction.

    There are many many things in this world to which a person can be addicted to and they may be very normal things like addiction to studies, addiction to reading and the list goes on and on. But since excess of everything is bad so I feel addiction in any form and with anything can be harmful. Ill effects for addictions can be manyfold. It can cause family sufferings, mental agony, money waste, loss in career and much more.

    It is to be noted that each time we start spending more time on our interests than before at cost of compromising our responsibilities, it is a small step in moving closer to addiction. So next time when you are engrossed in following your interests and addiction comes knocking doors of your mind, will you open the door? Well, I hope not.

    We need to take care that we adopt a balanced approach in fulfilling our responsibilities as well as enjoying our passions. A lakshmanrekha needs to be drawn between our interests and addiction and care should be taken that this line is not crossed and our interests do not change into addictions. Practically speaking actually it may be tough task sometimes for human beings to set limit in following their passions. Reason is that they may be totally engulfed in enjoying them and literally hate leaving them and moving forward.

    At such times it is worth remembering those famous lines by the poet Robert Frost which says
    "Woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep".

    Entry for TOW contest 29th Oct to 4th Nov 17 - Addiction
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    An excellent thread from Jignesh Vora. I enjoyed reading it. I doubt, I may become an addict to your lovey thread posts. Addiction has both positive and negative effect. Addiction to ISC forum helps us to enhance our knowledge. Also, It helps us to earn some sum. There are many other addictions which has negative impact viz. consumption of liquor, taking drugs, smoking, etc.
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    An excellent post and I like the way in which the content was presented. Addiction in a way good if it is on the positive side but it should not make us forget our responsibilities. I love music. I love hearing the music. But if I sit and go on hearing the music food will not come on its own into our plate. our efforts are required.. We should not forget our responsibilities. Sitting in the house playing with my granddaughter is very good for me and I feel like not leaving her and going out. But I have to get something on to and into the stove for my existence. This is my responsibility. You can't hand over this responsibility to another person or you can forget. So addiction to the things is not at the cost of our responsibilities. This is what I can understand from the presentation. You have to walk whatever miles you have to walk before you go to bed. This is the final word.
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    Addiction in any way is harmful. But, I feel an addiction to good things causes no harm. But, if it impacts the people around you negatively and you become irresponsible, then it is obviously not good.
    When addiction is benefitting, it is good and should be followed. But one should not allow it to conquer one's own thoughts and habits.

    Do what inspires you !!

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