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    The new layout of ISC is inconvenient.

    The new layout, in which the blue band dominates the page, is distracting and inconvenient to refer to the previous responses in the forum section.
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    I was thinking the same but on the brighter side I can load the page easily. Moreover mobile version still remains intact. But I'd rather have this version fixed.
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    Even I agree, it is inconvenient and font is too small. I hope it's fixed soon.

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    I too agree. It is really causing inconvenience. The font size is too small. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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    There is a major technical issue today, due to which the blue tabs' line has expanded to a huge rectangular box which covers the screen & the font size has got reduced to miniscule size. The Webmasters were informed right away, a few hours ago, as soon as this was seen and are in the process of fixing it. It will take awhile. Please be patient.

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    I didn't find any new ISC layout. Everything is quite normal to me. I was not on line from 1330 hrs to 1545 hrs.
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    Either too the sections were in small clickable blue strip and now the blue strip has become big and the clickable sections have become vertical occupying unwanted space, Moreover it conceals the author contents fully and we have to write with great difficulty. While I always appreciate the change, this one is really bad as the fonts appearing inside this box is very small and one has to take the help of magnifier. I would request Tony our webmaster to revert back to old format which was really user friendly.
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    This problem is only for the forum page. Other section are working to previous settings and there is no problem. It may be some minor error and hope our webmaster rectifies it immediately.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let us wait for sometime. I think this problem would be sorted in another 12 hours or so.
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    Mr.SuN, there is a gross increase in the width of the top blue bar with the headings and the font size and window of the forum response section is really so small that you cannot type properly. As mentioned above, hopefully, it will be rectified soon. For reading the font is OK.

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    Yes. Now I feel the pinch of the distorted ISC forum page. I am typing this response in a mini font that is very difficult to read and a magnifying glass is required for the purpose. ISC should act fast to comeout of this bug or problem or technical effect.
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    It is very inconvenient. We are not able to look at the other postings or the author's views without rolling the page. The letters what we are coming very small. When we increase the font size, the width of the post is decreasing. Today I was away from my office and house, that is why I could not see the site. Just now I opened and this is very inconvenient. I hope the problem will get sorted out and normalcy will come. Today for a little time Whatsapp site also collapsed.
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    Its a design error in the CSS it will be fixed soon. No need to worry.
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    As I was facing connectivity issues(and still facing the same) I took the problem may be related to my connectivity problem.

    s most of us are laymen not having technical knowledge, even small changes bring tension to us. Our fear imagination goes to any length from fear of malware, virus attack and even hacking. As online activity has taken much of our time, such new type tensions have conquered our daily lives.

    For the past five days I am not getting BSNL Wi Max connectivity. Still problem not solved. This post I am making by a e tethered connection wifi hotspot from a mobile, with data recharge specially for this situation. Already I am sufferein due to the Reliance network closure drama. Sometimes getting exasperated.

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    Me too facing the issues... I am also using my cellphone to write something . Hoping the issue gets fixed soon
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    It has been fixed.
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