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    I am not ashamed of my addition-addiction to my family

    Addiction is actually a negative sense term. However by usage it has come denote a chronic habit or attachment to something, which one is not able shed easily. It means that the person is "physically and mentally dependent" on a particular substance or activity so much that abstaining from it even for a short time brings automatic resistance reactions. More commonly we have started accepting a twisted version for the meaning of 'addiction' for our general use is – a strong habit which can be a positive and encouragable also.

    For this thread I take that sense. Treating it thus, I can say that I am addicted to my family.
    I am quite comfortable and happy to be with my family. I do not ( thank God, let God keep it so) feel bored at all to be with my family. I have heard many saying that 'to avoid boring, I have come out, now I feel peaceful'. I do not fall in that genre. I feel contented and happy to be with my family. So much so that I have avoided even promotions in career scared that those will cause disturbance and I may have to stay away from my family.

    Now that I am retired, still I feel that family is my addiction. Many friends tell me that how I can stay at home, when they feel so bored and after coming out of home early morning, they return home late in the evening. They 'invent' some reason to get out of home at the slightest pretext.
    I recall a verse in Thirukkural which means to say to' get attached to that by which you do not feel to get attached to any other thing'. Thank God, by getting addicted to my good family, I am saved from getting addicted to any other intoxications

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    We all wanted to be connected well with our families and the author has took the liberty to convey this very great feeling as the addiction to his family. Surely those who are elders have much concern about the children and their welfare and being a elder at home, the house would be in order and the things would happen in time. The young ones will be tamed and they behave nicely. There wont be untoward expenses and every expense is made with consultations and agreement of all. Addiction to family is must.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am also an addict to my family. I don't like going alone out. If at all we have to go out we will generally go together. We go to movies together. We go out to eat together. We go to outstation together. Sometimes when I go outside for office work I take my wife with me. That is how I attached myself to my family. So if you call it as an addiction I also got addicted to my family. Saturday and Sunday, I will not move out aline. I will go out with all my family members or I stay in the house. My both the sons also are like me. Generally, they also don't go alone out. None of us is having any unwanted habits or addictions except an addiction to the family. Recently a new member entered in our family. I got a granddaughter just fifteen days back. Now I am a grandfather. So I have another reason to get addicted to family and not going out alone.
    always confident

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    This can be called as a very nice form of addiction- the family addiction. We are all attached to our family. We love our family. We cannot think of spending time alone when we have a beautiful family to take care of. Family helps us in our sad moments, understand our happy moments. The members of family motivate us when needed. You can share your issues, feelings your problems with the members of your family. They will stand with you.
    I have a crazy family, we keep chatting all the time, whenever I am alone in the house, or if all of them have gone for some important work, I keep calling them to ask them when they will be back. Having a family is a boon to the human kind I can say.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    If it helps the family bonding to be built and strengthened, then we don't mind addicted to your families.Most of us are so comfortable with our family members that we don't have any issues and love to be surrounded by the people we love at our own home. There will always be some harsh words, some different views but the family as a whole stays closely knit. But for family, the human soul would be more troubled and yes we can be addicted to our families. There are many times when a sister or a daughter who is a chatterbox continuously nagging us but when the same person is not at home for a few days,mother is first to start 'if she was around, i wouldn't feel so bored, without her the house is dull' etc.
    There are times when we have to be weaned of this addiction, important exams, focusing on getting another degree to start off our careers, having the motivation and drive to have a career so that the people who love us are also taken care of.

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