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    At times of need would you go to a Government hospital?

    Healthcare is very expensive and currently, for people who do not have health insurance, it is a nightmare to get the quality care at a private hospital. For the love people have for our family members or close friends, they borrow money, take loans, sell ornaments to fund the bills. Many people below the poverty line and daily wage employees go to government hospitals.

    We are not discussing why the costs are high in private hospitals, why health care insurance is needed for middle-class families. We are not talking about a premier institute like AIIMS Delhi that is not available to everyone. We are talking about common citizens like us who will in various parts of the country,

    In case of an emergency would go to the nearest government hospital or choose to go a private branded hospital? please reply as yes or no and the reasons behind it.
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    The answer you will get from the majority of people to your question is 'NO' without any hesitation. Even w person who is not having money also we somehow manage and go to a private hospital but not to a Government hospital. This is the fate of this country. The same doctor who is working in a Government Hospital will treat you in a private hospital. But you will go to a private hospital only. This is because of the bad maintenance of surroundings, no hygiene and no good amenities and no good care. In Andhra Pradesh When YSR was the Chief Minister he introduced Arogyasri cards to less income group. But he never advised them to go to government hospitals and no efforts are put in to improve the hospital. The people used to go to Private hospitals and the hefty bills were reimbursed by the government to those private hospitals. That is a lot of our tax paid money has gone to private management but no improvement in Government Hospital.
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    I do not think all Government Hospitals are bad. I have had some good experience. I recall the time I had my first asthmatic attack. I was eighteen and home alone and had no idea that the wheezing and the shortness of breath was due to a 'serious' condition. By the time my parents got home, my lips (according to them) had turned blue. I was rushed to a private clinic, where the doctor administered an intravenous drug and asked that I be shifted to a hospital if my condition didn't improve within 15 minutes.

    But, my parents didn't wait for those minutes to elapse; I was rushed to the Safdarjung Hospital, in Delhi, which happened to be the closest from our residence. The staff looked after me well and I was given excellent treatment and also referred to the Patel Chest Institute to identify the stuff I was allergic to.

    It was December, and I was in the emergency, my parents were given blankets to keep warm. It was a good experience. In an emergency, I would go to a Government Hospital, I still do, in a way.

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    According to me the people in government hospitals doing some what good services only. As they are giving free service people criticise atrocities. So called atrocities only because of some lower middle class and lower class people only visiting . To change this all people should visit GH and if any controversy found they should do something for getting the best service. Without going personally one cannot blame their service as bad or poor.

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    Well over the period of time a situation has been created by private hospitals that those who go to government hospitals are not sure of assured medical attention and their life would be at risk and peril. And the Health Ministry either at the center or the state level never cared to upgrade the government hospitals on par with the private one. Invariably the government hospitals are relegated to treat accidental cases and nothing more than that. I have seen in many instances that the government advise government hospitals to shift the accident victims to private hospitals for more inclusive medical attention and that proves that government itself are not having faith on the quality of the service they provide and thus failed to create confidence in general public and chronic patients.

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    If it is an emergency situation (God Forbid), I wouldn't take the chance of going to a government hospital. I don't it's worth the risk, this is my opinion for today, over the coming years, if the confidence builds up, I may or may not go.

    I am assured of the services in private hospital but still doubtful about the same in a government hospital. There might be exceptional good government hospitals but hard to find one and not sure which one is better.

    While it's not an emergency, I might even think of going but not when it's an emergency.

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    Honestly, we do not go to the government hospitals. I have always heard that the doctors in government hospitals are far better than private hospitals but still going to a government hospital is not in practice until now. If it is a small cough or cold people might go to government hospitals but when the issue is serious, we will take them to a well known private hospital. We think they can save the life of our loved one. But if we notice, those cases which these private hospitals can't handle are always sent to government hospitals. In our area, if the private hospital can't cure it, they will immediately suggest for Trivandrum Medical College which is a government hospital.

    Recently my dad had to have a surgery. We consulted our family doctor(pvt) initially. Because the surgery was related to bone, the doctor told us it is better to get it done from the Medical college (govt) itself as it is your life and do not risk it. The most efficient doctors are available in the medical college. However, luckily my dad didn't have to undergo the surgery. But if it was required we would have definitely gone to the government hospital as advised by the doctor.

    One thing I would like to add is many of the private hospitals are behind money but they might have the latest sophisticated equipment. In a government hospital, especially when it is a huge one, people will have to suffer a lot. They might not be rooms available, wards might be overcrowded and so on.

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    I think government hospitals are better equipped and best treated without no fees. Recently, one of my relative girl suffered from Dengue. She was admitted in Tirunelveli Medical college hospital and was treated well.I won't mind to go to a government hospital. Of course, we will have to bear the crowded and noisy environment.
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    Thoughtful replies, yes there are good government hospitals but the overall standards can be much better across the board so that people have more trust and confidence and do not hesitate to go to a Government hospital at times of need.

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