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    What would you do without WhatsApp?

    Just can't do without WhatsApp when it goes on the blink? Isn't it good to not have it for a while, so that you can focus on other things? Share your views & experiences on life without WhatsApp.

    Yesterday WhatsApp was down for about 30 minutes in a few countries including parts of India, Asia and Europe. Many messages were not sent and people were trying to report it, trying to re-start their mobiles, calling up friends and asking. Some even had many jokes at the expense of WhatsApp. This is the third time this year that what's up has had this problem.

    Can we live without such popular social media (WhatsApp,twitter)? How much of your lives would get affected if you did not have WhatsApp in your mobile? Would it be a blessing in disguise?
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    Yesterday in Hyderabad in our area also there was a problem for about 2 hours also. During that time no messages were coming or going, It appeared as if the whole world has come to s stand still. Everybody is trying phone up to their fiend and getting information. After some time it has started again. Everybody felt that the life on earth has become stagnant.
    We were living even without a computer also. So it will not be a problem to live without WhatsApp. Because its available people are using. If it is not there they will have another way.
    Persons will try something new if this one is not available. In our young days, we are spending our time by hearing cricket commentary on the transistor. Like this, we will find an alternative time pass. It is an era of evolution. If not what app another app will come. So living can't be stopped with these things. This is what I think. We can't get affected by these small things,

    always confident

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    There won't be any effect without what's up. Life will be very peaceful, without what's up, facebook, twitter. Life is a lot easier without any of these social networks, the world doesn't come to standstill. As part of our team outing, we had gone to farm, where there was no internet connection, the lights were lighted by solar cells. We couldn't charge our batteries, THough we wondered how to be connected, it didn't pinch us a bit, that we were not connected through any of social media.

    So, it;s absolutely alright even without any of these.

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    Thanks for agreeing that our lives will go on without what' app. It helps us to stay connected easily without much expenses to maintain or use it compared to other forms of traditional communications.

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    What's App is an useful appliance available to us. However, our life won't be affected in the absence of what's app or what's up or what's down.
    No life without Sun

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