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    Have you heard about this NGO?

    There is a non profit organisation that has a novel approach to educate the rural children. It has an unique concept of digital classrooms

    This gives students a good quality education supplement in government schools. What they do is try to get volunteers who are happy to teach but cannot travel. So they link them to the children in remote villages. Each classroom has a LCD screen, high power camera and a conference mic with internet.

    Any volunteer teacher, anywhere in the world who has two hours to spare, a passion to teach, has access to a computer, headset, webcam and a broadband will be linked with the students and the class starts. It's not virtual because both teacher and students are real only they are miles apart.

    They have 90 centers and teach 5th-8th standard students of Maths,Sceince and English.
    It's http://www.evidyaloka.orga
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    No. I never know about this NGO. It is good. People like me and you can try this service to the nation. I heard about teach for India. An NGO which will have members who are interested in teaching can go teach free of cost in government schools where there is a scarcity of teachers. My daughter in law used to teach there. Similarly, she was going as attendant to wite the exams of blind people. It gives immense pleasure in helping the people who are in need. A good initiative by those people and educated well to do people should try to encourage such works by participating actively. The famous saying goes as Serving Mankind is Serving God. This point should be kept in mind by all people. Another saying goes as Helping hands are better than praying lips.
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    I just checked its website. It is really good to serve people of rural areas like this. Spreading education through any means is useful. This is a very good initiative, people who want to teach, inspite of being very far , can come up to this NGO and teach children and help the needy.
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