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    Do you agree 'slow and steady wins the race'?

    Do you agree 'slow and steady wins the race'? I somehow can't agree to it always. Being slow is not going to help you win, maybe you will be more accurate with fewer mistakes by being slow. But being fast does not mean you will commit mistakes, so here the fastest person wins. Even in a workplace, they ask you for your typing speed as speed matters.

    In this era, I feel fast and advanced wins the race. The old story was taught to inculcate the value of patience in children but it cannot be practically applied always. Being steady is required but one needs to be fast as well. Only if your rival takes a nap in between, the slowest person gets a chance to win.

    To conclude, in my opinion, the saying 'slow and steady wins the race' does not stand true always. What is your say in this? Do you think the saying will always hold true?
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    I don't know much about 'slow'', but a 'steady' is definitely going to win the marathon of life. So, we must try to be 'steady'.
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    The saying will not always hold true, if you go by this saying then you will be dependent on the competitor to be lazy and lag behind to go ahead. In the story, the hare was defeated because of his laziness. So I do agree with the author along with Mr. Partha that you need to be steady in everything that you do only then you can win the race.

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    Being alone slow may not bring you success these days. But Steadiness will always pay dividends. Doing work fast is not the only way of success. Steadiness coupled with your skills will bring success. The problem is actually to demonstrate that fastness alone is not sufficient for your victory. You should have proper wisdom. Then only it will lead to success. In the very famous Hare and the tortoise story, why hare lost the game? Because he has not used his wisdom properly and underestimated the opponent. There is a saying in Telugu.Even for a small snake, you should use a big stick so that you will ensure that the snake is killed. That is the wisdom. Hare is not having that knowledge and lost. Whereas tortoise even though small but won the game with wisdom. so mind also you should have with your brain. Doing works without thinking will be a waste. So use both your mind power and physical strength. You will be always winning.
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    As with any proverb or quote there will always be exceptions.A recent prize wining thread, time and tide waits for no one answers partly this question. We all grew up with this quote when the pace of life was calm and nothing great was lost if time moved on. But we live in a world where in time is money for many people and establishments. Being slow doesn't help much except at the start of a megaproject or a multi crore investment or a life changing decision where in one can think twice before acting on it. The steady part is more important, many things in life, if it grows at a steady pace, then it lasts longer.A progress in career, a desire to earn money, an ambition to do well in life, these things when done in a steady pace in terms of resources,time and commitment can lead to long lasting success.

    I think we can start saying A steady pace will enable us to win long races.

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    Slow and steady win the race. True. But what race ? Definitely not all. The famous story quoted with this quote is that of ' hare and tortoise'. Hare ran fast and knew that tortoise would come only very slowly. So hare took rest. It turned out to be a long sleep. Tortoise, though Slow, could overtake sleeping hare and win the race. But these days hares are not going to sleep until the aim is attained.

    Actually, what I feel is that this statement cannot be interpreted just by sticking to the word meaning. Slow here means 'be careful, do not just jump into'. Similarly ' steady' must be taken as 'apply your mind to choose the right methodology'. With these interpretations the statement can be applied even now.


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