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    Who is to be blamed now as Supreme Court says correspondence engineering degrees are not valid?

    The Honourable Supreme Court ordered that the correspondence engineering degrees offered by different deemed universities since 2001 are not valid as these degree courses don't have the approval from either UGC or AICTE. But these course have the approval from Distance Education Council (DEC). These correspondence courses have run for 16 years without any objection or observation. Many students might have got benefited from such degrees. Now suddenly, their degrees got cancelled. Who are to be blamed in this case now, the bureaucrats or the AICTE or the Deemed Universities or the students? And what happens to the future of such degree holders, who are into jobs now?
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    there is no one to be blamed for. According to me, it is the right decision. Technical and professional degrees need to be done regularly as the students need to attain the knowledge and perform practicals of the same.
    So, it would prove beneficial for the students only, hence, a good decision by Indian SC.

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    A good but delayed decision. From 2001 to 2006, the degrees given were valid. But the degrees given after 2006 are not valid as the recognition given was withdrawn, The people who got qualified through this system are now not eligible for the jobs. The jobs also will be withdrawn. But whatever money given as salary need not be given back. The University has to pay back the total money received from the students. This is a good lesson to institutes as well as individuals. The students should not opt for the institutes which are not having AICTE or UGC recognition. The colleges and universities also should not take chances like this. Let all other institutes take this as a lesson for them.
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    There's a saying in Japanese, it goes like this, the society lays down the ingredients for crime, the criminal just commits it. In this situation, everyone is to blame. The instructions for running the courses without recognition, the students for studying the unrecognised courses, the education department for knowingly allowing this to happen for so many years. Now looking at it technically and legally, it is incorrect to have a degree that is not recognised. but consider the families that have to bear the brunt of the mistakes done collectively. Again it's a futile decision in my view as we are tackling the students. The true culprit is the society and its regulations or lack of it that allowed this to happen in the first place.

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    What I also personally feel that Engineering is such a subject which needs to have personal attention and attending to lectures on daily basis and for that going to college is essential. The field work, the project work are immense in later state and that is not possible with correspondence course. Moreover professional courses has to be studied and completed through regular means and not through short cut ways. Even in regular ways the students are not able to clear the papers then how come they become success with correspondence course which has no validity as per Supreme court. I welcome it.
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    In the working system of a Govt such things or rather say confusions arise because of many loop holes created in our rules and regulations.

    Supreme court sees behind the curtain and is the expert and experience agency to bring out these shortcomings in form of powerful observations which are legally valid and binding on the citizens.

    Even after the deemed universities and private institutions are approved by UGC as per the annual verification of university facilities and education standards, the degree awarded by them is not valid. It is ridiculous that on one hand we have allowed them to work and operate their educational set up and on the other side we are telling that the degrees are not valid.

    It is something like to allow a person to accumulate black money and if it is stolen you say that we can not search the thief because it is not validly earned money.

    So peculiar are the working of Govt systems and are always baffling the gullible common masses.

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    Supreme Court decision lies many reports and the students regular attendance of Classes and practicals completing the project report within the prescribed period will gain a lot. Private Universities should follow the UGC norms so that student can show the better performance. Now a days regular students have been facing the problems procuring the best marks ,after keeping lot of efforts, whereas the Correspondence Engineering course does not yield results aswellas they cannot competitor for regular students. this type of course cannot be entertained

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    Generally a college starts a course with the sanction of UGC/AICTE. Of course the State or Central Govt. must give permission also. How can a course be started without these permits? Also the students ( their parents) should have necessary enquiries with the authorities regarding these things before seeking admission.
    Moreover, how can a correspondence course be offered for a technical subject. It has to be seen as a short cut for making money. These days education has become a short cut making quick money.


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    It is a good decision, but the government should have taken this decision earlier. Before doing any course I believe the students should check whether the course and the institute is accredited by UGC. Sad that many students became victims of this decision.
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