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    Addiction- an unwanted addition to have a normal life

    Addiction is nothing but to become habitual of something. In literal sense, addiction is always taken as negative aspect but there are many things in list which have made people addicted. It can be anything like any edible, drink, particular clothes, any medicine, drug, any exercise, or any other thing. It starts with a normal phase and that time people feel like "aahh…it is feeling good" then they repeat it again to feel that good.
    After some time the stage comes when they say it to themselves, "Now days, I am doing it quite often, but it's ok, I have my own controls. No need to worry." And gradually doing it again and again becomes their addiction.
    At last, the stage comes when they have to do it not to feel that good, but to feel normal.
    That particular thing becomes an added part of your life without which you are not even able to feel normal.
    Addiction is not predicted and we can see many such examples in our day to day life. Taking precautions for self by putting our over confidence of self controls aside we can save our lives from this unwanted element- Addiction.

    This is my entry for TOW contest for the week 29th Oct to 04th Nov '17- Addiction
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    True, addiction is always an unwanted addition to our normal life. We will not have the intention of being addicted to something, but it is a gradual process wherein we will be addicted without even knowing or realizing that we are getting addicted. In Malayalam, there is a proverb which says even if it is Elixir if the quantity taken is too much it can also be poisonous. So we need to limit the intake of anything and everything; even if it is a habit or interest, we should know the limit.
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    Rightly said by the author. Some times we create addiction to some habit which were normal but our inner instinct force that casual habit into addiction and that becomes addition in life. Well what I feel that addiction on many matter should not be a hinder to the daily routines and the addition of addiction should not disturb the tranquility of the home. Adduction just be justified and that should commensurate with our behavior in the public and society. If our addiction is abnormal and not liked in society, surely that addition in our life need to be removed at once , otherwise we face hostility.
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    Very nice presentation of how a chance liking slowly transforms into an addiction. A habit, anything that appeals to us gradually encourages us to try it and over a period of time, it becomes a habit.These habits can be good or bad for ourselves and our families. Some of us take it to the next level wherein undue attention, undue craving for the habit turns a normal human being into an addiction. Even though at times the habit may not be threatening, the person changes or rather the addiction changes the person.
    A person addicted to smoking, alcohol or a drug, slowly invents a reason to justify himself and then will do anything to get hold of money, space, time and privacy to satisfy his needs of addiction.But all is not also, even such individual can be nursed back to normalcy, what changed from a chance habit to an addiction can be reversed back with time, emotional support, professional help, and resources.

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    This is true. We start for fun. We repeat it for company sake. We think we have control and we can stop any moment and finally we will say there is no life without it. This is the root for habits to become addiction. In our village there was a boy who use to stammer while talking. One of my cousine brothes used to make fun of him by acting as if he was having the problem of stammering. Finally my cousine has become addicted to it and he talks with stammering only. This is the irony of life. Initially it is fun,later on habit and finally it is addiction. Getting addicted is very easy but to come of that it is very very difficult. One of my cousine is addicted to alcohol. 24 hours he will be under that alcohol effect only. His wife taken him to Chennai and some treatment had been given to him and then he stopped drinking. After that treatment he came back and perfectly alright. But all can not afford that much expenditure.
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