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    Addiction to HEALTHY EATING!

    A nice topic to discuss abou ADDICTION!well we are all addicted to so many things in our life like addiction to our morning cuppa either tea or coffee without which we would feel like as if our day has never started..makes one feel groggy all through the day if missed by chance to have it..for some people its the newspaper and for some people like me their early morning walks. Well addiction has two sides good and bad..while these things don't come under bad addiction category if overdone ofcourse has its own disadvantages too,like if am going to spend some two to three hours walking all am going to do is screw up my joints. Well the moment I saw the topic of discussion all that comes to my mind is HEALTHY EATING HABITS!yes am not talking about unhealthy talking about Healthy eating...many of us are obssessed about eating healthy...every magazine ;newspaper;social media like WhatsApp etc talk only about Healthy that..this food has omega3 fatty acids...that food help you lose weight...Broccoli is a superfood etc..eventually people's discussion at workplace or in the parks or at a gathering has become Healthy food!I feel too much of healthy food also will make one sick..with all these healthy super food can one stay disease free?the more one tries to eat healthy food the more one wants junk food...its like the more you fast the more you think about food...too much of anything is too bad.This is the entry for TOW contest topic : Addiction
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    Wow nice thought from the author. We are all habituated to eat all kinds of food irrespective of its taste and flavor to fill our hungry needs and satisfy our taste buds. But we never give thought to have healthy food to the brim. One thing is sure, we can satisfy the person with tasty and full amount of food and that would derive great satisfaction to the server. While eating all kinds of food depends on ones wish, but eating fruits, having juices occasionally shall improve our digestive system and also give greater looks . And to place on record that good and nutritional food are always liked and adored,
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    The word 'addiction' has negative connotation. Attachment to healthy food can't be termed as 'addiction'.
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    Wah! Addiction to healthy eating. Funny thinking about eating. We all want to live long by eating some food. We feel that all items we eat are healthy and not poison to die. No one will look for unhealthy food. Food is only a means for survival. The rich eats varieties of food. Others have the available and affordable food. So there is nothing like addiction to healthy eating.

    The author might say living on this earth is also an addiction..

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    Is it an addiction to eat healthily?Is it an addiction to go for walking daily? Is it an addiction to do yoga daily to maintain fitness? I don't know. As far as I know, addiction is doing repeatedly an unwanted act and not able to survive without doing that. Drinking at any cost is an addiction. Smoking even though our health is getting spoiled is an addiction. Eating unhygienic food repeatedly is an addiction. Consuming drugs without stopping and getting mad if drugs are not taken is an addiction. But when this topic is given many good acts are also being considered as addictions. Probably the book meaning is different and the usage meaning is different. However it a good thread and well written. So don't get addicted to healthy food.
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    Having healthy food habits is not an addiction but a choice that people choose freely or influenced by the diseases or ill effects related to unhealthy/junk food. Very few take it to the extreme forgetting that the air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is not pure, the fruits and vegetables may just have a label of organic product with nobody checking as to how organic is that farm really.
    Majority of us persure good healthy food habits for our own well being.Once in a while, its okay to have a slice of pizza or a burger or some fried snacks at a party or a family dinner outside. I don't an addiction to healthy food sounds or suits correctly. It's like to clubbing healthy food along with addiction alcohol or addiction to drugs etc. We can use passion or practice of healthy food habits.

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    Yes it's true. Eating healthy food can become an addiction. While it has its benefits, it can even cause some problems too. As we socialise with people, most of them around us will prefer a pizza over a Dosa or Idli. Being with them it is necessary to eat the food others like, at least some times. Otherwise we may look like aliens from a different world. While in a social system like college and workplace, we need to adjust for situations around us. And finally, what consists of totally healthy food is a debatable topic. It can differ for different people. New research articles everyday will bring new dimensions to existing popular beliefs. These will confuse health conscious people whether they are doing right or not.

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