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    The difference between participation certificate and Appreciation certificate.

    Normally in school, colleges, offices and in big organizations functions and celebrations are being conducted and the students and employees are advised to participate. Some would participate in the deliberations and programs for the sake of it. But some would really give their cent percent dedication and prove their ability in the celebrations. Those who just participate are given with participation certificate and those who have dedication participation are given with Appreciation certificate. Which one is great ?
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    I think this concept is very good in the schools, toddlers and primary school where in even the presence of the child in a small play or a nursery rhyme or fancy dress competition is very good. It gives them a chance to be on the stage. For these children, a small medal and even a participation certificate bring smiles in the faces of the child and parents. Hence both are good here.

    For adults who have participated, it's better than the nonparticipants, hence a certificate to that effect is ok. For those who have really done well and have come just below the top 1 or top 1-3, then a certificate of appreciation certainly good as they are worthy of it. For kids both are good, for adults appreciation is better than participation and obviously, participation is better than being in the audience.

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    I think both have equal significance. Participation certificate is given as a result of participation in any contest or quiz. Appreciation certificate has again its own significance. I feel participation is more than enough to learn what you really wanted to. A learning experience is far better than having no appreciation in hand. Getting an appreciation is again the best in itself, but it takes more of hard work to achieve an appreciation for your work.
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    The path of reaching top wining starts from the entry point of participation. So it is like a gradual and sequential happening. Participation ===>Performance==> quality appreciation/Winning Prize.

    Usually children and even many adults will be shy and hesitant to participate in an event especially when it is of of competitive nature. As small children do not go by the value of the winner prize but are simply satisfied if they get a chance to be on the stage and get some prize or something like that of the winner. So usually in events for small children everyone who participates in an event are also given participation prize. It may be a toy, soap box, a pencil box etc. But if the winner is given a certificate, then the participants are also given Participation certificate. This satisfied the parents also who come to witness the events.

    For the young adults, participation certificate is a record and memento t keep as memoirs and establish or self satisfy that they were active participants.

    However in many events,especially the professional events, participation is rewarded with cash , though to a lesser extent according to the levels reached before elimination.

    If there is no sufficient participation the event loses its attraction and credibility. So participation is very important. In order to encourage participation, participation certificates or participation prize are necessary.

    I was one among those who suggested participation cash credits for the contests in ISC. It is nice to see that nowadays in many contests apart from the winners, participants also get more points and/or cash credits.

    For one who has not yet participated participation is immediately important. For one who has participated, quality performance is important. Both need to be recognised and acknowledged. They can be certificates or any other way - like cc in ISC.

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    Participation certificate will be given to all participants. If there is a workshop or seminar people from different colleges and institutes will participate in that. At the end of the seminar, all participants will be given a participation certificate. But some people only present papers, submit papers and take part in organising the event. These people who presented the papers, and organised the seminar will be given appreciation certificate as a token of recognition for their work, which will be given only to some people. In the same seminar, some awards will be given to the people who made good scientific contributions. They will also get appreciation certificates with the award. But in functions and celebrations in schools, many children hesitate to participate. To motivate many students they will give participations certificate to the students who all participated. For the winners, they may give awards and rewards. But for all participants, these certificates will be given. It is always better if we encourage all participants by giving participation certificates so that they will get motivated and try to perform well in the future occasions.
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    Even I agree to the fact that both are required and has its own significance of encouraging the participant and for their achievements, we cannot sideline any of them by giving weightage to either.

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