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Ever wanted to write content for the PM's Mann Ki Baat speech? Here's an opportunity to do so!
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    Draft the next Mann Ki Baat speech - creative content writing reward program

    We all know that our PM Narender Modi is coming on Air almost every Sunday and connecting with the people and familiarizing with various programs and schemes he has initiated. He has even called for people to draft the content so that next time he would speak on that subject. Our PM is very much active in the social media and whatever written here is indexed by Google and PM may choose to talk the same matter on Air.

    So I call upon our esteemed members to draft a brief speech for the PM so that his next Mann Ki Baat program could be your initiative.
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    Fanaticism, that would be the topic I would like Mr. Modi speak on in his next Mann ki Bath. I strongly believe that Fanaticism is major threat to India than corruption and terrorism, as it kills the future like slow poison. There is religious fanaticism, caste fanatacism, regional fanatacism, celebrity fanaticism and many as such which make Indians give a biased vote and there by threatening the identity of India as the great democracy. I would like to hear Mr. Modi speak on this and give practical and implementable solutions to this at least to some extent.
    Carpe Diem

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    K Mohan,

    This is a good theme for creative writing. I think you had raised this topic some months ago but it did not get a good response. I will tune the title a bit and invite members to participate. We will let members come up with a write-up in this thread itself and reward the good ones with points and cc up to maximum 25.

    Members can submit their drafts in a response (one only allowed per member) like this -
    Topic -
    [The text]

    Avoid excessively lengthy write-ups, though. Keep it concise.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    A good initiative since the PM has won. I foresee some issues if the thread has been allotted 30 points and 30 cc and member entries have a potential have up to 25 c, then it would be better to have some guidelines so that there are no complaints later on. Would suggest to make it a little more focussed as I personally feel each entry would be repetitive in some parts and members may be disgruntled with points. Could we make it that members choose one topic as draft a speech like Mr.Modi, make in India, run up to next elections, foreign policy, Kashmir, corruption, temple agenda, economy etc. Just some of my thoughts,

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