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    Parents of small children should get alert

    Many snacks packets are in the market for children especially for small children and they are also very much interested to get the same and even by stubborn they are demanding from parents. The marketing people of such products also to attract the children inserting some small toys in the packets. I myself bought some packets to my brother's daughter and astonished by seeing such small toys which is available for a small cost of even Rs.5 as the toy would cost two to three rupees.
    But the pity in this is making me to worry is a recent news happened to a child of west Godhavari district of Andra pradesh. A four year old boy Nireekshan bought a packet of tomato chips and swallowed the toy also and got breathing problem immediately and on taking to the nearest hospital the child died.
    It is to inform all parents to get alert while they are buying such snack packets and have extra care while the children are given.
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    For that matter any eatables being given to children must be under adult supervision and especially the mother would take care. Children are fond of outside eatables and it is the express duty of the parents to desist and convince the child not to eat such things that would affect the health. As far as possible snack items must be prepared at the house and given to the child. Coming to the toys present in children chips packet which is something to attract the child to buy more and collect those toys. But invariably the children think that even the toys are things to be eaten and thus without the parents knowledge they may gulp and get into problem. So we must be careful.
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    True. The parents of small children should be very careful. In fact purchasing these chips packet outside and eating is not advisable for health reasons also. In addition to that these small toys keeping in that packet without separate packet is an additional hazard. So as suggested by the author parents should be very careful. Unnecessarily a small child died in West Godavari of Andhra Pradesh by swallowing g these toys accidentally. In fact Food Administration should not have allowed such packing by the company. It can be treated as food adulteration. Iti's always better to make the eatables in the house for these small kids. The material they use in making these chips also not a good stuff and the oil also may not be of good quality. Hence they will give raise to unnecessary ailgments in the children. So once again I request and caution all the parents to be very careful.
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    Parents should be very careful when the kids are small. They have the tendancy of eating whatever they get. Be it stone, buttons or toys. There should be someone always behind the kids. One minute if we let them alone, they are capable of doing million things.

    About the toys that we get with snacks and chocolates. First of all these toys comes in small parts and we then have to join it. Even if we join it, the parts can come off hence we can't give these to small kids. Also the foods in these packets are not at all good. Kinder joy is one such example.

    I suggest it is better we avoid buying these products.

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    It is sad that a child has lost his life, there are many toys within chocolates, chips packets and cornflakes boxes with a print that toy is inside the packet. How can parents or anyone ensure that the toy is removed before the child can eat the sweets or chips? So why put it in the first place.We should change the regulations on packing these food items. If the toy is small enough and has a choking hazard, then it should be given separately. It just a marketing technique to get the children hooked to that particular brand. All said and done, we have to be extra careful. There are a lot of reports of young children swallowing small disc-like button batteries and small glowing light from toys.

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