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    Another flood in Chennai-what should the residents do?

    After 2015, Chennai has again been submerged in water. The weather forecast indicates more rain in Chennai for at least another 48 hours. Most of the areas of the city have been submerged in rain. Here, I am providing some basic guidelines for the residents of the city. This is applicable for urban flood in other cities also:-

    A. Dos and Donts before the flood
    1. Do not litter waste, plastic bags, plastic bottles in drains
    2. Listen to weather forecast at All India Radio, DD.
    3. Evacuate low lying areas and shift to safer places.
    4. Make sure that each person has lantern, torch, some edibles, drinking water, dry clothes and necessary documents while evacuating.
    5. carry your identity card.
    6. Put all valuables at a higher place in the house.

    B. Dos and Donts during the flood
    1. Obey orders of the Government and shift to a safer place.
    2. Switch of electrical supply and don't touch open wires.
    3. Don't get affected by rumours and don't spread rumours.
    4. Switch off electrical and gas appliances, and turn off services off at the mains.
    5. Carry your emergency kit and inform your whereabouts to your friends/family members.
    6. Avoid contact with flood water it may be contaminated with sewage,oil,chemicals or other harmful substances.
    7. Stay away from power lines electrical current can travel through water, Report power lines that are down to the power company.
    8. Look before you step-after a flood.
    9. Listen to the radio or television for updates and information.
    10. If the ceiling is wet shut off electricity.
    11. Don't walk/swim/drive through flowing water.
    12. Don't eat any food which has come into contact with flood water.

    C. Dos and Donts after the flood
    1. Don't leave the Government shelter without specific direction from the Government.
    2. Be very careful about drinking water. Water-borne diseases are spread by contaminated water.
    3. Be careful about snakes and other animals after the flood.

    Finally, always stay safe. Help your neighbours after ensuring safety of your family-members.
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    It is really horrible time for the Chennai residents once again as they are going through the ordeal of urban floods which was worst in the year 2015. Time again it was reported in the media and press that people should not purchase apartments and homes constructed in the low lying areas where once the water bodies were existed and thus due to worst storm water management, the rain water has no other go but to enter the homes and would stay. Since continued rains are forecast in future, the situation seems to be challenging and even worst. The alert given by author would be really useful.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good posting partha Ji. The major cause for the sufferings of chennai people is they themselves. As specified by the author, many are, not only in chennai but also everywhere, the littering of wastes in open place other than dustbin and gutter should be avoided. Before buying or occupying in the house they should see whether the area is Lake area or water catchers as many people know how to search this widely. Blindly they are occupying and later suffering. Besides expecting from government, we should think what we did for the Government, whether we pay our taxes properly, whether we keep our area clean etc., if our house is clean then the city and then our country. I used to see in many places like Bus stand etc., people throwing wastes, water bottles, wine bottles etc., as such on the roads and roadsides without caring others and not minding the dustbins provided and then how we can expect others to clean the same and in what right we can expect.

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    Really a good thread. Chennai had floods in 2015 and again this year. The reasons for the sufferings are mainly man-made only. Many people are occupying low lying areas and constructing plots. The people without thinking and without understanding purchasing those low lying buildings and getting suffered whenever there is a heavy rain. Another point to note is Chennai is not conscious about the cleanliness. It will have unfilled dustbins and waste-filled roads and public places. As long as the public doesn't feel the responsibility and behave properly these hardships will continue. Throwing remnants on the road and throwing waste on the roads and plastic waste everywhere is the real reason for these stagnations and drains overflowing. The government will not do anything unless otherwise, the public cooperate. This water stagnation will cause unhealthy environment also and people may get diseases also. Please believe in 'Cleanliness is Godliness".
    always confident

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    Nice timely thread Mr.Partha. Important things to be done before and after.This is happening year after year.Cities like Mumbai and Chennai should learn and ensure measures are taken in a war footing during the coming summer so that next year by monsoon time people are better prepared to face it. Imagine the trauma of living with life at risk, not having access to drinking water and life is literally at a standstill. Children and elderly suffer the most. This will sadly be followed by sanitation and health issues.
    These are man-made situations worsened by the fury of Nature. Agree with Mohan sir, lake bed building need to be red-flagged with a plan for widening the drains and cleaning them so that water can flow out, followed by planned relocation to other places as I'm sure the cost of rescue and support missions along with cost of loss of productivity, cost of fixing damaged buildings, roads, water and electric lines, vehicles etc would be more than planned relocation in the long run.

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    #614284, Please don't throw words on the way. How did you come to conclusion that "Chennai is not conscious about the cleanliness". Have you ever visited Chennai and if yes means which part of the City? In which area did you saw waste filled roads? Usage of polythene cover could be one of the major reason for flooding since most of the drainage are filled with it. It is a global issue and not specific to Chennai

    First of all Chennai doesn't have flood like in 2015 since this is the first spell of north east monsoon. I don't know why media exaggerating the situation. Still everyone in the city remember 2015 flood and it is not easy to forget though 2 years passed on. so everyone have fear on rain. The lakes which are in outskirt of city have just 30% of its capacity and few lakes inside the city only gets filled. Ground reality is Chennai particularly suburban areas needs more rain so that they won't face drinking water shortage during summer.


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    Chennai has a lot of low lying residential colonies, many of which are built on lake beds. These areas tend to get waterlogged even during the slightest rain.

    The size of existing lakes is dwindling, as encroachments around the periphery of these water bodies are rampant. To add to the problems is the water bodies being used as a dumping ground, reducing their capacity to store water. The Palikarani Marshland is the official dumping ground, where the cities garbage gets piled up. The excess rainwater has nowhere to flow.

    Drains are choked with garbage or reeds that stop the easy flow of the water into the Cooum and Adyar rivers and the Buckingham Canal. The overflow comes onto the roads and flows into residential colonies.

    Though the waterlogging is not as bad as it was in 2015, it cannot be said that people aren't suffering. The groundwater table in most suburbs is pretty good. In fact, water tankers ferry water to the city from many suburban areas. The problem doesn't have to intensify to the level of 2015, for the media to react. If a problem is identified, it should be nipped in the bud. And I appreciate the media taking up this issue.

    But, hats off to the spirit of the people of Chennai, the way they come out to help others is commendable.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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