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    Can there be a decline in population due to exponentially increasing school fee?

    When I say decline in population, I don't mean decrease in the lower class of the society. But I am seeing that in the middle class and upper middle class of today's society in India, people are preferring only one kid. Families don't prefer to have further issues, if they have one already. I have asked about this peculiarity in my friend's circle. Most of my friends who are mothers to one child, say that the hike in the school donation fee has impended their thought for one more issue. These days even preschools take Rs.30,000 or above for giving admission to a child. Our economic situation is such that we feel a trepidation to increase the number of family members, where already there is a hike in expenditure and not much rise in the income. What do you people feel? Do you feel that rise in the admission fee of schools at all has any impact on the family planning of middle class families?
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    Increasing of school fees no way connected to the population and retaining of it By the way who is asking the parents to give the education for their wards in costly private schools. In every town there are average private schools with lesser fees and government schools with no fees. We the working persons does not want to take risk on education and wanted to give best education in this competitive world and hence chose International schools with AC campus and obviously the starting fee for pre primary school child would be 1.00 lakh to 1.5 lakh invariably. So we have to mend ways in choosing school and not having children.
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    Why only school admission fee? There are different factors which are making young couples to restrain to have the second kind. When I was a child I used to see many children in every hose and they used to have a fear to go to their father ask anything. If they ask also if it is not possible father used to tell them that was not possible. They never bothered to say no to their wards. That is why the children were knowing the ground realities. But these days parents never like to say no to any of the wishes of their children. So they should be financially well off. If they have two kids they have two fulfil the desires of both the children. So they try not to have another child. But we should have definitely two children. We should teach our children about the importance of finances and what is the financial position of the family also should be known to them. Otherwise, their wishes will always be very high.
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    Yes, raising school fees can be a reason for decline in population. But there are many other reasons like increase in the cost of living. Today raising two kids is equal to raising 4 in the past. In every walk of life including education, the cost has raised like anything. Even for getting admission to a LKG kid, people need as much as 50000 Rs. And as the child grows fees will increase. Fee structure for higher studies will always be in lakhs. All this causes in increase of cost of raising a kid and making them competent enough to live a good life. So many of middle class families tend to have one or two kids and give them all the facilities and comfort possible.

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    I don't think its the school fees alone but yes the cost of living has an impact on the decision to have a second child in many educated, taxpaying middle-class families.To raise a child, educating it, giving it resources for having a decent life and career is a huge task that needs a major chunk of our hard earned money. Cost of food, transport, home rent, taxes is also raising. Then comes the issue of quality time, with both parents working, there is simply not enough quality time left to think of a second child.
    But we have to blame the system and ourselves for that. Currently in many parts of India, running a school looks like the most profitable business.We, the public also desperately want a branded school as we want our children to get the best.

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    This (decrease in population due to increase in educational cost) is true only among the middle-class people. The rich and the poor do not bother about increasing educational cost.
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    It is not a specific reason to be attributed to.
    It was due to the overall expense starting from food, clothing, marriage, medical care etc that people were brainwashed to 'plan' their family. Reason for each and every misery people were facing were attributed to population. So such bombarding for decades with slogans like 'we two, ours two' etc(which people themselves changed to 'just one ,life is fun') made later generation people to restrict to one child or two.

    Education expense was never a factor in that decision at all. That got added only very recently. The problem of population was taken on a macro level and implemented at micro level in such an effective way. The only other programme that has similar persuasive spirit and force is the "aadhaar linking'. Hope the latter also does not lead us to a situation of regret and review later like the former.

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    I do not think there will be a decline in population due to increase in school fees. Now itself every family has only 1 or 2 kids. I do not think that number can even come down as having a child is a very important factor of a married relationship. Hardly there will be people who wouldn't prefer to have a child. Just because the food items are getting expensive does not mean that we will stop consuming in the future. Similarly increase in school fees will not lead to decline in population. As the expenses increases, we will either learn to cope up with it or there are chances that our salary or income will also raise. Now people are getting much better salary when compared to olden days. Similarly it will increase in future so does the expenses.
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    I reiterate my earlier view. The thread represents the perspective of Indian middle-class. The people of the top level or belonging to the bottle level don't bother about educational cost of their children.
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