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    Do you agree with different rank alloted for the same marks obtained on analyzing different factors?

    Suppose if you are writing a competitive exam if you and your competitor obtained same marks then the exam conducted committee will give different ranks based on various things it will go even up to considering your age to give different ranks for you and your competitor.The more age you are a good rank you will get(If the marks are same).If that is also same then they will go for the letters for your name.Do you agree with different ranks for the same marks obtained on analyzing different factors?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    There should be some logic and explanation for any action. There are chances for different people to get same marks. They all can be given same rank. But in entrance tests it is not possible to give same rank to multiple people. In addition to the marks some other parameters will be taken into account. Age is one factor which is being considered. Here Higher age. Students wii get a better. Rank as he may not have again chance to write that competitive exam. In some cases the group marks only be taken instead of taking all subjects. Generally these factors are decided by the committee. But I don't know about letters in name. This may not be acceptable to many people. But some procedure should be adopted without bringing in caste and creed into picture.
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    In the recently concluded NEET exam, the ranks were decided on many factors where in the candidates got same mark in total and yet they got different ranks considering the caste, name , and also the date of birth. For example we call our daughter as Amrutha at the home and she has the alphabet A. But when it comes to certificates, she has been named as Mohan Amrutha. That means she has been relegated to back after 12 alphabetic letters. So when the NEET ranks are announced her name appeared back and she lost some ranks even though her grand total were same as the first ranker of same cult.
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    It is unfair to give marks based on age and name, it looks illogical. If many students have got same marks, there should be some other logical factors to determine and assign the ranks to the deserving candidates.

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    I can understand to some extent giving grace or bonus marks for the candidate based on a higher age or a backward caste tag. But, even for India, it is far-fetched to understand what Mohan sir is saying.How can we give marks based on the beginning letter, so Asha or Akshay get better rank with same marks than Zeeshan just because their parents chose those names? If it's true, what a tragedy.It's even worse in competitive exams as students prepare with hard efforts and struggle a lot to get marks and a prestigious seat or a decent course for their future career. If its true, then it should be curtailed soon.

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    It is also logical If you studied Intermediate Permutation and Combination to Know the rank of your Name.So that is applied in the Examinations ranks
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    I agree that it happens in many areas which we come across in our life- especially in education and career. The recruitment to government especially to the state governments has more of this.

    If we really go on analysis, and see the factors involved, we may feel giddy.

    Some of us might have benefited and some of us would have been adversely affected. Unfortunately I am who got affected adversely. Justifications will come depending upon which side one is. In that sense I am against that.
    Ironically, not all know that such things are existing. They do not even have a guess that this is the main reason for their missing something and put the blame elsewhere.

    As I always like to quote George Orwell, in this context also I take Orwell" All are equal, but some are more equal than others." Equality in all respects is just Utopia and dream sales only.

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