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    India needs saline water treatment technology from Israel

    Despite opposition from some political parties, the relation between India and Israel is becoming stronger. India is obtaining advance defence technologies and weapon systems from Israel. Drones carrying weapons, advance air defence technologies, Sub-machine guns and other light-weapons are in the purchasing list of India from Israel. I whole-heartedly welcome the improving relationship between India and Israel.

    Israel is also well-known for developing desert agriculture technology and saline water treatment technology. Israel is also providing desert agriculture related technology to India. However, I feel that India also needs saline water treatment technology from Israel. The biggest saline water treatment plant is located in Israel.

    Considering the increasing water pollution level in Indian rivers, we must concentrate to make sea-water potable. For this purpose, we must import saline water treatment technology. We require to purchase this technology from Israel.

    Knowledgeable Members of ISC may kindly express their valuable opinion in this regard.
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    When India can become strategic partner with US on various fields, why not Israel which cannot be discarded or disowned by India. In India due to drastic climatic change in recent past, the summers are going to be severe and no state government are capable to provide potable drinking water and thus saline water treatments technology from Israel must be considered and imported immediately. Especially the three metros which are having access to ocean and sea , they can explore having saline water treatment plant sooner and mitigate the ever increasing water crisis in those areas.
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    It is good if we can obtain saline water treatment plants from Israel. But I wonder how much economical it is and how many Indians can afford to have this system in place and get drinking water from that. The feasibility of the project is to be seen. Another point to be seen that really they have this technology in place in their country. If the system is available there and if it is really suitable to our environment it is most welcome and the water scarcity once for all will vanish. Israel is a very advanced technological country, especially in the defence sector. Probably it is due to its rivalry with other Muslim countries. I have interacted with many defence companies in Isreal and even our company has helped them in doing some works on their behalf in India. But they never expressed about the availability of this technology in their country.
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    Israel is known for its defense and hostage rescue commandos or emergency strike force. Many articles even quote that Israel apparently offered us help during the Kandahar aircraft hijack (1999). I was not aware of the saline water treatment from Israel, it's definitely a welcome suggestion to India. We have a report of rice grow from saline water(sea water) and now potable water from seawater.
    We should see how practical is it to implement these changes, is it cost-effective in the long run. Maybe we can try it out in the coastal metros and see what the results are. Many years back a similar technology was reported from Europe/Spain. Whatever it is, if we look at the simple model of our aqua guard filter which takes in borewell/mixed water and gives out drinking water, we know the cost of the machine, need for power and the amount of water that goes waste from the water filter. So definitely the cost of drinking water would be much higher than the traditional source (I'm not meaning the popularly branded bottle liter water bottles).
    It's a good suggestion, we can certainly give it a trial as a test project as see. I, like many feel, the future wars of the world will be for land, food, and water.

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    Israel is the world leader in making sea-water potable. The name of the Israeli Govt. Company working in this field is IDE Technologies. It has built more than 400 de-salination plants in around 40 countries from Caribbean islands to the United States of America. The Company has also built gigantic plants in China and in Israel. The headquarter of the Company is at Kadima.
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