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    We need GOD or GOD needs us

    As per your opinion and belief, what do you think is the right way around. I need GOD or GOD needs me.

    I have heard and seen many people praying like this, "If I'll get this, I will worship you till I am alive or I will give you this or that, if not I will never show you my face" and like this many such requests, which makes me to question - "Who needs whom?" Are we of the opinion that GOD badly needs us and he cannot afford things without us?

    What's your say in this?
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    Both we as well God needs each other as God is in human. God is only pave all the steps of the human in every aspect and we, human only do not understand the principle and searching Him everywhere. He knows what to give us and when to give us. As a father we know what is to be given to our child but in spite of this, the child asking us this and that. Similar to this only we are asking God by searching Him. Going to the temple, churches and Mosques everything are made to divert ourselves towards the God for at least to that time gap as distracted from our daily routine.
    One man wrote on the wall as, 'God is no where' in some angry but a God feared person corrected the same as 'God is now here'.

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    Why God requires us, We are not going to help him or assist him. We are always busy with our worldly desires and fulfilments and always pray him for success. We feel he is also like us and we will try to offer bribes the way our government employees ask we may think he will also ask. But the fact is he knows what to give, whom to give and when to give. He will never wait for your prayers or requests. As long as we are good, we don't harm anybody and we are helping needy, GOD will always help you. GOD will never wait some person to come and help him. He knows everything and the entire world is under his control. So he never require us. But he will only decide how long we are to be here, As told by Krishna to Arjuna everything is already decided by HIM and we have to go on doing our duty and don't expect anything in return,
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    This reminds me of a Whatsapp message(picture) received by me some time back. Mukesh Ambani and Reetu Ambani are praying to the God. Mukesh Ambani asks the God" Bhagavan Can I do anything for you? Just ask me I will get it done."
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Unusual thread for some, for people who have faith in the higher power a question to ponder. Certainly, we need God and it's not the other way around. In our hectic lives, stress, worry, and anxiety are common and the need for money is increasing more and more for many of us. Hence, this makes us reach out to God to seek his blessings.While praying some do in silence, some singly loudly, some smear their entire forehead with ash and kumkum.Everyone is right as they feel that's the way to appease God.Likewise, we have a range of offerings to God. Some offer a simple arathi, a plateful of sweets, rice/sugar equal to their weight or their entire head's hair.
    Along the same lines, some pray with the simple wish that if they pray and promise an offering, God will bless them and in return, they will go back to the temple and fulfil their offerings.There are many such promises made before a child is born, before going for an interview, before setting out to look for a house, before applying for a loan etc. Along long as it keep faith alive, it's fine and hence we are needing God more and more.

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    We need God, we need his blessings to keep ourselves on the right path. He is like a little bright light that always remains inside us and guide us with various paths of life, either it is tough or it is easy. During brightness, he becomes our shadow and stay with us all time. When there is darkness, he will be around too, to become a candle of light to make us hopeful in situations and make us alive. So, we just need to be faithful in him.
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    Ofcourse we need God. Why would God need us when he is the Almighty. But like the author said people at times say that they will not visit him again if their wish didn't come true. But that is not because God wants us but the person might be a true devotee and he might get frustrated as he feels God is not saving him from his troubles.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    The issue has been discussed in the platform of ISC many a times. The debate is never-ending. To me, this debate signifies the search of humanity to find the truth. This debate helps the human being to explore the ultimate truth.
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    I think here also the Hindu philosophy explains it. " Aham Brahmaasmi"-I am the Brahmam ;' I am part of the Creator. As God is the Creator, I am a part of the God. The God is in me.

    As a drop of water from a large Ocean is also water, as a minute piece of gold from a large block of gold is also gold, being a fraction part of the Supreme Brahmam, I am also Brahmam. If we can equate Brahmam to God for the present context convenience, then the the thread title question is automatically answered and explained.

    So it is matter of cycle of creation, existence and re-merging with the Creator. No question of who needs whom. It is one-in-the other;one-for -the -other and one-of-the-the other.

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    Who said God need us ? By the way who are you ? Why the God must need you ? You are the product of God creation and why should he need you. You are living under the mercy and patronage of God and God has his own arrangement to live for ever. We the human beings are sinners and err on daily basis. To escape punishment and longer suppress from God we offer to bribe him with various kinds of offerings and mind it the God never sought for it. We have been habitual briber and think that God can also be mended to our ways. But seldom we understand that when he can look after the welfare of the people across the Universe, why should he wait or longing for your pittance of contributions which are even postponed indefinitely some times. One more thing never underestimate the generosity of God and never ask for small favors. His subordinates even can grant small boons. So next time never bother God with small expectations. Ask for big and do big in return.
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    It is an interesting query raised in this forum and this is the question which is intriguing the human mind since long.

    With the advent of civilization the human mind started to unravel the mysteries of nature and in this pursuit science was born. In addition to science many other theories and hypothesis very evolved by the great thinkers of their times.

    Science was based on some fundamental observations and experiments while other theories were based on pure conjectures. It is really very surprising and very amazing that the latter category was also recognised and accepted by all the societies in slightly varying ways.

    Rationaly speaking God was also one of those concepts and got global acclaim. With time even two distinct groups emerged one believing in God and other contending its existence.

    As God was considered to help the people whenever they prayed him and the idea remained deep rooted in the minds of the people and God was considered as a really existing entity.

    I do not want to hurt the sentiments of religious people but they are equally blind as those who don't believe in God because the truth is not known so far.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is one question that man always wanted an answer for and never got. Is God real?
    We'll probably never get an answer for that question. But in one event when one of Buddha's disciples asked him how universe was created, he simply replied,"When you're struck with a poisoned arrow,you don't search for the assaulter but the doctor. And I'm a doctor".
    Simply beautiful! This one sentence can be interpreted in a million ways. But to realize the real and to forget the abstract is the wholesome summary of that sentence.

    "Prayer is the last resort", right? Do we need God? Well, a supervising hand is always needed to run a system.
    And God is that supervising being,according to religion. Does God need us? Every religion ever says,"Gods feed on our offerings". Hindus perform elaborate yagnas to satisfy the divine hunger. All ancient religions did that actually, Greeks, Vikings, Mayans..etc..;Abrahamic religions say that God feeds or strengthens himself with human belief. So, man needs God as much as God needs man.

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    But why should prayer be the last resort is it because we don't trust him or believe him to resolve our needs? How is it that GOD feeds or strengthens with human belief? Does it mean without humans and their worship or yagnas GOD is weak?

    Only humans have the special ability than other organisms, so why did he bless humans with such abilities if he didn't need us?

    Many of responses above have agreed that GOD doesn't need us but we need him, why he doesn't need us?

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    Aditya, Iwould disagree, For those who beleive in God,prayer is the first resort not the last resort.
    When we start something afresh, a new venture pray comes first. Many businesses start their accounts with a credit entry in God's name and then start their other entries. Many of us wake up and say a silent prayer looking at the Sun 'God let today be peaceful and let me have a good day'. Everytime we set out on a journey in a car many call upon HIM for his blessings.
    So, a prayer to God is first, invoking his blessings and then starting the task. The offerings we make, I think are a way to appease God and feel comfortable within ourselves. There are many who perform big poojas wit many offerings and wear silk clothes and stand next to the idol in the temple, at the same time you can see some who just remove their footwear, say a silent prayer from the main entrance and carry on with their work. Do you think God will bless both different, no both are the same, each having a different concept of praying but both have faith.

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    Unknown/unseen God created known creatures, and the known lively creatures especially the human beings created the unseen God. While we all the living souls are visible to God, the soulless God is not visible to the living souls. We have some trust and belief about the existence of God. We seek God's help only when we need during emergencies and thank God after the fulfillment of our desires. In anycase, we bribe the God for favours before and after the deed.
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    Neethu, I can prove my point but I think it's futile. Belief is an experience. I cannot deny your experience. God exists for you. He doesn't for me.
    But as far as your query goes ," agni the mouth of Gods brings our offerings to you". It is in vedas.
    It is literally described in Bhagavad Puran that Indra was hungry for the sacrifices made by the shepherds and cowherds.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    #61443106: We always need God. He is the biggest belief in us. It does not mean he does not need us. This is the reason that he is always present in every human being. He is always with us seeing our tasks what we are doing, what we are following. He is our faith and our light. "It is our faith in him that forms his existence for us." This is something I feel unexplainable.
    God loves all his creatures and his people and that is the reason he keeps guiding people always with his light. It is completely our belief. If we take the example of Lord Ram, he always prayed to all the creatures he used to meet and bow down, because he considered that God exists in every little living creature.

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    Man needs God. Because he can live on this earth only with that belief, since majority are believing that such an entity is there. Now a days another category of people live using God as a money making object. This category is also large in size. In several ways they make money making use of the name of God. Hence they need God, no doubt.
    Another category who do not believe in the existence of such an entity as God are not worried whether it exist or not. They can manage without God. Naturally God will be happy with them since they are not disturbing Him with this or that. Others go on requesting to look after them and provide everything as per needs.
    God is only a belief of humans. They only created such a belief as an answer for several unknown things. Slowly different types beliefs came up and as a result different groups originated. Even now that process is continuing. Hence all such groups need God.

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